A very sad day

Yesterday we had to put our darling Doberman to sleep.  He was a good dog that made me crazy every day.  If you took him out, he would want right back in, then right back out…..over and over.  He chased deer, hogged the couch, growled if you disturbed his sleep, and always wanted in your lap.


If we let him into bed he stole blankets,pillows and all the real estate the bed offered, regardless of where you slept.  More than once I was nearly on the floor with no blanket in sight.

He was the absolute best cuddler if you weren’t feeling well and would lay for hours with you on the couch.

May you catch every squirrel you chase, scare off every snowflake and thunder boom you bark at.  Love you Chance.


Swatching is for sissies…right?

I don’t swatch.  Never have, May not not ever, it’s hard to say.  My habit of just diving straight into a project has only kicked me in the tail end once that I can recall.

Right now, on the desk in EJ’s room is his sweater, blocking.  I am sending out good vibes and bribes to the blocking goddess that this thing blocks out close to the size it needs to be.  I swear, it shrank, which makes no sense, because all of my cables on the body line up with the cables on the hood.  This thing just got more and more narrow as I went.  I have the right number of stitches, and I tend to knit loose, and purposely didn’t pull too tight in the cables. I am flummoxed.


Here’s the sweater taking its bath this morning.


Here it is all long and skinny waiting to be swaddled before blocking.  (Sorry, really dark photos, but that’s what happens when you block and photograph your knitting at 5:30 in the morning)

It does, currently, have a much better shape right now, in its little resting place.  I just hope it keeps its shape so I can finish the sleeves and get the sweater done before my child induced deadline of January 2nd.  I should know by Wednesday if this will work.  If not, a frogging I will go!

And on the needles now is a hat for Katie’s stocking.  Ultra alpaca in teal.  The pattern is a copy of a hat she liked on instagram.  It’s coming out ok, but I think a chunky yarn would have maybe come out better.  She may even like it!

I also just banged out a few neck warmers, very simple, in ultra alpaca.  Size 7 circulars, cast on 72 stitches, knit 5 rows, do a row of elongated stitches (wrap yarn twice on each stitch), 5 rows of knit, repeat until it’s as long as you like it, bind off and you’re warm and cozy.  Oh, of course , after you’ve woven in the ends and blocked, if desired.  I didn’t block mine and it is wonderful.  I would posts pictures but my camera is being temperamental.

Happy day!


An utterly ugly day

I want to be home, snuggled up with my knitting, fire roaring in the woodstove with a giant mug of something warm next to me.  Instead I am at work.

At work with half an inch of ice on the ground and cold heavy rain falling.  I just spent an hour waiting to be able to get the horses in ( the maintenance guys had to come throw cinders down for me, and it takes awhile.). While waiting I got their stalls ready with extra hay and made sure they had full water buckets, and everyone got a healthy portion of warm beet pulp.  Next is to get hay out to the fields.  Thank goodness we put the cab on the tractor…I’ll be dry while I’m driving around setting hay.  The horses will be in awhile, to dry off and warm up.  Somehow I don’t think they’ll mind.  I may just leave them in and go home for awhile, since there’s not much to do In the rain.

I will be happier with the weather later today when it starts to snow.  Stay warm and dry everyone, and have a sip of that warm drink for me!

Happy day.


I am not knitting for Christmas

Well….not really.  But definitely not in an official sort of way.  I have a pair of socks for the youngest, Chloe.  They were an accident.  I made them for me and in a frenzied laundry session they went through the wash, and shrank to exactly Chloe’s size.  The cobblestone socks I have on the needles for Katie are going in her stocking.

Each of the girls recently asked for a hat, so with a little stealth on my part into t he stockings they will go also.

EJ’s sweater is the big one.  I just have the sleeves to knit and it’s finished.  I plan on starting the sleeves tomorrow.  I was hoping to have this finished by now, but just could not deal with 16 inch circulars for the sleeves.  The needle was just a bit to long and hurt my hands.  I did that to myself on the body and won’t do that ever again.  My hands hurt for weeks!  I ordered a set of dpns which just arrived, but I wanted to clear the decks a bit before going in to full sweater mode.  This is something I feel an urgency to have finished by Christmas…the kid gave me a deadline and is convinced I won’t meet it.  The deadline?  January 2.  I know I can do this!

Other than that, not ok be present for Christmas is going on the needles.  And oddly, I feel no stress about Christmas this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I keep browsing small Christmassy things on ravelry, but so far I have stayed strong and resisted the allure of cute little ornaments.  They are already on my list for next year, though!

How are you doing on your Christmas knitting?

Happy day!


Odds and ends

Yesterday I finished Bay of Fundy, in Dream in Color Smooshy with cashmere.  I even wove in my ends, I was that excited.


On Monday I’ll have time and space to block it.  I just about did a dance…And I don’t dance.

So that leaves the rest of my weekend knitting time to work on some small projects that I started to break up my spree of cables.  I finished the first of a pair of socks for my daughter.


I banged out the rest of the second sock in a pair for me. 


A simple sock in worsted, tweaked to make a perfect sock, but mostly following glenna c’s weekend sock pattern.  My favorite pattern for socks.

Next on my agenda is to add to Katie’s hat.  The difficult little girl asked for a short beanie, I made a short beanie….And it’s too short.  This kid is going to be the death of me!  It’s barley, by tin can knits, by the way.  I’be done a bunch of hats in this pattern, so pretty and so simple.

After the hat surgery I plan on working on flip top mittens for my employee that is out in the cold win me all the time.  The pattern is chilly podsters (sorry, I have no idea how to add a link in my phone).  All the patterns I referred to tonight can be found on ravelry.

Hopefully I can get somewhere on these little projects because my size 7 sons came in the mail and I can finally do the sleeves on EJ’s robin hoodie (again, ravelry).  I’m giving myself two weeks for the sleeves, the little bigger gave me a deadline to finish his sweater!

I hope this post finds all of you enjoying your knitting time and not making yourselves crazy with Christmas knitting.

Happy day!


And we have light!

Thanksgiving week is usually an oddly quiet week for me.  I only have to physically be at work for 16 hours, being that thanksgiving is a paid holiday, the kids don’t go to school most of the week, so I don’t have to drive to the bus stop multiple times in the morning.  And this year we had snow forecast.  I love snow, a lot, a little
….I don’t care, I love it all.

Well, this storm gave us 10 inches of seriously heavy wet snow.  That was not good.  Our power went out early in the storm on Wednesday, and stayed off, with the exception of a few brief periods, until this afternoon.

That meant all of my plans went straight out the window.  I had visions of working til noon on Wednesday, going home, making brownies, watching movies And knitting while watching the snow fall.  Nope.  Not to be.  Instead we hunkered in front of the fire, had ice cream for dinner (love ice cream during a snow storm) and took a long walk in the dark and snow with my girls and the pup. I swear I was asleep by 8 that night.
No knitting accomplished, since the house was pitch dark.

Thursday morning.  Still no power (which also means no water…I have a well).  Knit a little on a sock, still no power.  Went to the store for cold cuts, chips and rolls.  We had a very strange Thanksgiving picnic.  Nice, but a little weird.  No power yet.  Took the younger son shopping with me ( please don’t judge, those sales save me lots of money on some of the things my children dearly want, and I deny them all year to make Christmas special for them.) Came home to still no power.

I was so happy to see the electric company vehicles around the corner from my house when I came home from work.  A few hours later….BAM….POWER!!!  What a wonderful feeling to be able to flush!  To wash some dishes, to have some coffee.  Now, finally I can sit and knit, smug with the tv on, the fans on the woodstove blowing, the kids all busy and content.  At least til next time the power is out and throws me for a loop.


Coming home on Wednesday, these branches are usually 12 feet above my truck.


Thanksgiving picnic

Snowman the littlest built.


Holy cow….There are some finished objects!

And some that are well on the way!  I finished my first pair of bus stop socks.  These are the ones I keep in my truck and work on while waiting for the busses to come, mostly in the mornings, since I am usually at work when the kids get home.  I do sneak a bit of work on them in if one of us has an appointment, but for the most part, these are morning work.


That’s them, already on and all bright and pretty.  It’s really chilly here in the Pocono’s today, so I am especially happy they are off the needles.  These are made from Northern worsted with wool.  Not my favorite wool, but I’be learned a great deal since I bought this yarn for socks.  The pattern is the weekend sock from Glenna C (crazy knitting lady), and is my favorite sock pattern.

The next finished project is another small one Barley, by Tincan Knits, which is quickly becoming a favorite, also.  This hat was made in ultra alpaca(yum!) In a dark grey heather for my daughter that hates knitted things.  She asked me to make it, chose the wool and picked the pattern.  We shall see if she actually likes, and (gasp) wears it.  If she does I will definitely get photographic proof. 


In a side note, this daughter has been selected to apply for Upward Bound.  I am so proud of her I could burst!

I have a Garter Stitch Baby Jacket very nearly finished, which is a good thing, because the baby is due soon.  This pattern is also, like pretty much every other pattern I use, is on http://ravelry.com.  (I love ravelry almost as much as I love alpaca)


Made in one of my favorite sport weight wools, Ella Rae Classic Sport, in green and a soft brown.  ( Has everyone caught on that I rarely save labels?) I thought these were good colors for a late fall baby boy that may be a redhead, like his mommy.  I have one and a half sleeves to go, finding a buttons and weaving and blocking and off it will go!  Sounds like so much more than it is.  I have given myself until the end of the weekend to finish.

Other fun and exciting knitting news:  I got over my fear of the yoke on the Robin Hoodie.  Imagine my shock when FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS and TRUSTING THE PATTERN actually resulted in exactly what it was supposed to.  There are one or two cables that are a bit wobbly, but not terribly noticeable.  I can live with that.  I know I’ll be making this sweater for myself eventually.  I am also making good progress on the Bay of Fundy wrap, it’s about a third of the knit.  I will also be knitting this pattern again.  Funny thing with these two projects: they are both cabled, not heavily but enough, and I chose the wrap to rest from all the cables in the sweater!  Good thinking there!

Sometime before I collapse from all my knitting and relaxing today, plan to cast on for a new pair of bus stop socks.  Of course, they may end up back in the house, since they are Owlie, on ravelry, and cabled.  I think I don’t have time to knit to a logical stopping place before I head back home for the next bus stop run of the day.  We shall see!

Happy day,