it’s been way too long

Wow, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a minute to write! Quick update: the rodeo went well, everyone had fun, things went smoothly, we didn’t run out of food and no one got hurt! These are all very good things. The puppy, Harley, is doing well, getting very big, very fast ( I wonder sometimes what I got myself into!), and is proving to be very loving and easy to train. It is, though, very easy to forget he’s going to be twelve weeks tomorrow, and that he’s not older and should be further along.

I really did want to have some pictures for you today, but haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything. And when there’s time it’s been raining, and my house is too dark on rainy days for inside pics! Work is still incredibly busy, busier in fact, than the last four years, and it’s wearing me down. All that riding and walking and having no down time during the day. School starts over the next two weeks for the people who come to the stables and our own kids, so I will get my quiet then. I can wait (I think).

On the knitting front, I had two pieces that were kicking my butt, just not feeling right. I have straightened them out and am now happily making progress on both. They would be a pi shawl and a sweater idea I’ve had in my head for awhile. Now under control! I’ve completed two simple hats for this winter, with plans of a few more, and am already thinking of my next projects, though it’s a little soon for that. Seems like the only energy I have lately is with my knitting. I’m also working on a crocheted bunting that someone wants, but that’s boring me to tears.

Next post will definitely have pictures, and I don’t know, maybe be more interesting, I hope.

happy day!



the things i do to myself!

On top of all the current craziness I’ve got going on I did this to myself. And I love him, already (it really didn’t take long, at all). His name is Harley, he’s and American pit bull/great dane cross (yeah, I love big dogs). We picked him up Tuesday night, after seeing a post shared by my husband’s cousin on facebook. Husband said he wanted that puppy, and well, here we are.
I call that particular face “oatmeal face”. He tries to be a tough guy, and it just doesn’t work out so well for him!
And this is the youngest daughter when she realized we were getting a puppy and not looking at a truck like we told her. Absolutely priceless!
Just look at those eyes, which should stay blue (I’m hoping).
So far he’s been easy and a joy to have, we’ll see how nuts he makes me in the coming weeks. I so did not want another dog. Our dog, Chance, is getting older and I was adamant that we weren’t getting another dog. My husband was equally adamant that we were, and top of the list for a blue male pit bull pup. I don’t like pits that much, and not because of the reputation, I just love enormous dogs and they are too short for my taste. At least this way I had some control over the incoming dog, because it was totally inevitable, no matter what I said, that another was coming to live with us. This guy should get to be a good size, and I’ve always liked danes, so here’s hoping!

happy day,


It’s been a while….

Yup, it’s been I think two weeks since I last posted. I have been so incredibly busy at work that by the time I get home I can barely think straight, let alone write in a remotely coherent way. My evenings have been filled with relaxing and trying to stay awake long enough that I don’t wake up at 3 a.m. I’ve been mostly successful with that!
The stables I run has a rodeo every year, kind of a showcase for the kids and the community (so they all know what a terrific amenity the stables is), and it truly is a huge bit of fun, but crazy making for me, as I am in charge of the whole shebang. So many details to take care of, making sure nothing is forgotten, left out or ignored. Lots of extra cleaning around the stables, the horses will all be getting baths over the next week (so the kids have a more or less clean canvas to do the grooming competition, and the horses don’t stink too badly). And all of this is happening with our normal workload and riding and taking out trails. Whew….no wonder I’m exhausted.

I did rip out Elianette, and I started the Bamboo Wedding Shawl with the yarn, and am so much happier with that than I was.
The link for the shawl I am currently working on. It’s so very pretty, and I love that I don’t have to count every stitch twenty-seven times to make sure I counted right the first twenty-six times!

I did, however, need a break from counting in general and cast on a sweater that’s been kicking around in my head for a few months now. Not my own design, I’m turning a cropped cardigan into a pullover (I hope, and with lots of luck). I even did a swatch for this, since I wanted to use smaller needles than the original pattern calls for, so I could figure out my cast on. Hopefully I did the math properly (always doubtful, I hate math, it makes no sense to me whatsoever!). I think I did it right, as my back should measure about 14 inches, and I’m coming in at 15 1/2 inches across the width (no, I’m not that skinny, it’s a 1×1 rib, and really stretchy, and I’m not going for super tight, but I want a not sloppy and huge sweater), which seems like a good width for what I have in mind. I have to account for the sweater not being open at all, and am now thinking I should go a little bigger, but will be stopping in at my LYS (love them there!)and seeking a little guidance and/or confirmation of my math skills and estimations. Wish me luck! I’ll post pictures when I have a few minutes to take some, of all the current projects.

I haven’t forgotten the Anemone socks mentioned in a previous post, I am trying them out in worsted and think I hit on my magic number to cast on to get a sock that fits me. I still love them, but the pull of the Dream in Smooshy was strong, and I had to get something going with it that I loved (mission accomplished-the Bamboo Wedding Shawl), and this sweater decided it was time to be born.

Well, I am off to go get ready for a full day of shopping, for me, for home and for the rodeo that is in EIGHT days, dragging numerous children along with me to drop at the mall (my younger son has his first job and is anxious to go shoe shopping-go figure) and take to A.C. Moore for horse decorating supplies for my daughters. (And don’t worry, no horses are harmed with the decorating, all non toxic and water washable products are used. We check, about a hundred times to make sure nothing harmful or difficult to brush or wash off is used, and they are all thoroughly washed before being turned out for the night.) Wish me luck over the next week, and expect silence until the rodeo is over and done with. Did I mention I also host a party after the rodeo at my community’s clubhouse? I must be a lunatic.

happy day

p.s. I really hope this post has made some sense to some of you. My brain is in a complete whirlwind and I’m afraid there’s not one complete thought above!


let’s add quitter to the list!

Yup, that’s right, I have officially given up on a project. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but I feel good about the decision. I have frogged, for the third and final time, Elianette. It was a beautiful piece of knitting, and I did like it, a lot. I could not cope with the changing stitch numbers. I have found that I like consistent stitch counts in my knitting. Maybe it’s lack of patience, or maybe lack of skill, either way, it was kicking me in the gut with every change, and I’d frog, or tink, recount, reknit, and still come up crazy. I couldn’t do it any longer. It was depressing and demoralizing. I realized last night I did not have to be held hostage by this piece of knitting (are you getting the same mental image I was? It involved knots, loose yarn and lots of needles, with teeth. We won’t discuss the actual knitting mocking me.) I frogged, balled and looked for a new pattern, that has nice even stitch counts on every row. I feel better now. The pattern for Elianette was well written and charted, I just couldn’t handle all those numbers.

I was able to get some pictures yesterday, and I will attempt to add them here.

This is the shawl I will be mailing to my cousin whose daughter is still desperately ill, but recovering nicely. She still has a very long road ahead, but she’s fighting! Here’s the link:


I love this cowl. I almost want winter back right now so I can wear it. I made it in Cascade Ultra Alpaca (we all know I adore alpaca. I want one.) It was a quick and simple knit I thoroughly enjoyed. Link is here:

These are the latest socks off the needles, the ones I took everywhere with me, but when school ended I kind of ignored them. I put another two days of work into them and bingo! new socks. This is just a 1×3 rib, with a cable tossed in, just because. My daughter really doesn’t like knitted things, so this picture was the best I could get! And no, I haven’t woven in the ends yet, it’s too hot to wear these, but I would, if they were truly finished. You see how I play games with myself? I need to add about six more pairs of socks before winter this year, how I don’t know, but I’ll try!!

In that vein, I am working on a new sock pattern. I love it, I am enchanted, I even had to frog and start completely over, and I am still in love! That is remarkable. That is this pattern: I really really like this pattern. It is clear, well charted, well written, and has easily adapted to using worsted weight instead of the recommended weight. To achieve this I reduced the cast on number by 8, and so far, so good! They may be a bit baggy around my ankle, but I can live with that, I don’t mind some slouch in my socks, and really, I have ankles like bird legs (ridiculously skinny ankles). Love them, go check them out! I don’t have a picture yet, I frogged before getting the camera out yesterday, and it’s once again wet out today.

happy day


small progress

I have managed to finish a pair of socks and another wee garter stitch baby jacket in the last week. Yay for me! The socks, I am sure, were beginning to feel unwanted and unloved. That was so not the case, I love these socks, made with size 4 US needles and a lovely green Cascade 220 Heathers wool. They are warm, cozy and very pretty with a central cable thrown in to give a pretty little detail. These were my “bus stop” socks. The ones I kept in the truck with me and would work on while waiting for the school bus in the mornings. School ended and the poor socks got shifted to the bottom of the WIP basket. I took them to the pool the other evening and got the heel turned and the gussets worked and the slide into home plate was then a breeze. They came off the needles last night. I then used the little bit of leftover wool to make eensy weensy hats and sweaters to dress up some wine corks. The goal there will be small Christmas presents for friends, family and the kids teachers. They’re cute and take just minutes to do.

The garter jacket is the same I’ve linked to in past posts, and becoming a favorite go to project if I have knitting to do for a new arrival. It takes so much less time than a baby blanket, and impresses the pants off of people, which amuses me, because it is so simple. This one was made in a blue/white acrylic I’ve had laying around for years (happy to get it out of the house, I was beginning to really dislike that yarn, probably because I’ve become a yarn snob-the horror). This sweater was made for my sister’s niece, who had a sweet little boy a few weeks ago, and being summer I made it short sleeved. I wove in the ends, sewed on the button and delivered it to my sister on Sunday, along with a few dollars so she could mail it out. I have no time for the post office, I work all day nearly every day. Otherwise the kid would have gotten this wee sweater when he was eight!

I did some work on the grey sweater, and made some real progress on the back. I’m ready to shape the armholes. I was looking at the diagram and realized, “hmm. I don’t have a nifty A-line shape, I have a square. What on earth did I do now?” You know what I did, don’t you? I failed to start decreases AT THE SAME TIME! Grrrrr!!! Truly, I don’t really mind the larger more boxy sweater, since this thing is going to be enormous on my anyway, and I tend to like large boxy sweaters that I can fit layers under. I abhor coats and rarely wear them, so big stuff makes me happy! I did, briefly, debate ripping all the way back to row 4 of the chart (I’m at row 118), but decided I didn’t really care if I had a nice A-line shape or not. So, on to the armholes! This will be one cozy sweater when (IF) I ever manage to finish. I am showing incredible restraint in not starting the other two sweaters I am aching to cast on right now. One will be a worsted 1×1 rib sweater that I’m basing on the High Line Cardigan on ravelry. The other is a lavender cotton sweater, the pattern for which I don’t recall right now, I saved it in my ravelry library, but appealed to me with it’s swingy bottom. Incredible restraint! I should be given a cookie.

In other news, I abused myself and the cats last night by giving them flea baths. That’s always so very fun. But the little buggers needed it, as their flea medication was just not cutting it. Does anyone have a preferred flea remedy? I’ve tried many and haven’t been very happy with any. One of the cats, my sexy Ozzy, is a confirmed inside/outside boy. He refuses to use a litter box, and therefore asks to go out like a dog. The other, my darling Adso, keeps trying to convince me he should be an outside cat, but only escapes occasionally. Keep in mind, I live in the woods, grass and trees and nature all around. I think we’ve all recovered from the bathing. Until this morning when more flea medication was applied. Asdo is no longer speaking to me. I haven’t seen Ozzy yet this morning. I think he’s hiding.

happy day


can you see it….part two

Apparently I have become completely unable to not only count, but include both words and pictures in a single blog post. This all seemed so much easier just a few short weeks ago!

The picture in part one of this post is the Elianette

that I have already frogged once. I’m wondering if some of you can chime in with an opinion, do I fix this mistake or let it ride? Would a non knitter see this, if I do a quick fix, surrounded by a few more segments of different lace patterns. Or do I tear back this section and figure out where I went slightly nuts and thought all was well?

I am truly torn, but don’t know if I have the heart for another re-do. Nor do I want to trash this gorgeous yarn. It’s Dream In Color Smooshy, with cashmere, and I love it.

Please let me know if that error is as big and glaring as I think, and your opinion on which direction I should take. I will be quietly nestled in the couch with the big grey cabled sweater in the meantime, or perhaps weaving in ends on a finished shawl and baby sweater. We’ll see what I trust myself with.

happy day,