Not feeling it

Not at all. Lately I have been very much inside my own head. I’ve been knitting, been back to work for a month, getting to know my bike. But still very much inside my own head. All is well, though, so that’s a good thing!

Happy day,




First, most importantly….MY DAD IS CANCER FREE!!! He’ll have to have scans regularly, but for now the atomic pill worked!I go back to work tomorrow…excited and not.The beaches are open, easy to be distant from other sand still have a great time.I’ve been busy, and in a bit of a funk. All knitting projects are moving along at a snail’s pace, but moving along.I have orders for a dozen of the pocket scarf that’s been rampant on facebook, sive also been crocheting.We went to PA for a few days, wherein bought a motocycle!! We’ve been looking for several years for me to find the right bike, that wasn’t 10000$, and finally found it. My brother in law will be trailering it down for me in the next few weeks, which gives me time to study for my permit.Zack is moving back to PA soon, which breaks my heart….but he is grown and needs to do him for himself, not me.Happy day,Shannon


Beach day!

Our local beach county opened to visitors yesterday, and off we went! We were far from everyone else on the beach. The water was cold, so I didnt swim, but I did, as always, bring some knitting.

The pattern is magnolia socks, from the handmade sock society, volume 1.

On our way home I spotted an alligator in the canal! We’ve been looking every time we go to the beach, and finally saw one!

Holy cow, was this an incredible experience! My favorite beach ice cream shop was open, so we got ice cream, too. We were all careful, by the way.

Today we’re going for a ride with a group of friends. On to new adventures.

I ha e been knitting, but kinda getting nowhere right now. I also started refinishing the Hoosier cabinet that was gifted to me. I’d very much like to slap the person that painted it orange at some point in it’s life. That sh*t is hard to get off!

I just keep telling myself how beautiful it will be when it’s finished, and my coffee bar.

Happy day,



Some news, some knitting

Our beach counties open on the 16th. There will, obviously, be restrictions, but I’m so happy we can get to the beach again.

My dad begins treatment on Monday. Yay, but I really hope it works, and I so so so really hope it doesn’t make him feel horrific.

I found a nestling that got blown around by a storm. He is doing well, eating and feeling better. I think he hurt his leg, as he doesnt seem to put much weight on it.

I’ve, so far, recieved two yarn packages.

These were the first of my orders, colors are nimbus and chocolate mocha cupcake

These are the second, from the wicked knittah, in unicorn tails and tick season.

I’ve started my first of “the sock project” socks, astrantia:

I’m just past the German short row heel now, so just plain knitting til the end. This is the Expression Fiber Arts in Nimbus, and it is fabulous! I am really happy I decided to do this, and that I’m able to. I dont know how long I’ll be able to, but I will for as long as I can! I have two more skeins coming from Overland Park, KS next.

(I’m trying to buy from small, independent dyers that I have some kind of tenuous connection to. EFA is in NC, the wicked knittah is in Maine, where I had an awesome vacation, and my cousin lives in overland park. Tenuous, but a connection none the less)

I think my next purchase will be a sock set from apothofaery yarns, and the second sock society collection. I may also, if it’s available, order the sock repair tool from katrinkles knitting jewelry. It looks quite handy, you should check it out!

I think I may be off work until June, as my boss is being cautious.

I think that’s all I’ve got today!

Happy day,



A little of this…

Lots has happened, while not much is going on.

Kate wracked her car, she’s fine. She rear ended someone broken down on a highway with no shoulder. That made a frantic trip up to Delaware for me, to pick her up from my cousin, who kindly and generously came to her immediate rescue.

I’ve been puttering around the house, knitting and trying to fill up time.

I’ve finished some socks, the woodland walk and a pair of grey alpaca shorties that I’m going put in the mail for my cousin tomorrow. Also been working on Njord, am almost halfway through the second chart.

I’m feeling kinda grouchy today, but all is well, so wanted to give a quick update.

Happy day,



Njord cowl

Well, this one has had a little drama attached, lol. I cast on forbit the other day, on what are probably US 3.5 needles (seriously, the needle gauge told me it was kinda 3 and kinda 4), the pattern calls for size 4. After several attempts at the Italian two color cast on ( it definitely took some practice!) I got about 6 rows done, but wasn’t liking the fabric very much. My cast on looked bunchy and loose, the stitches looked enormous, and it all just looked sort of ruffly. I decided to get an inch and a half done before making a decision about continuing, or ripping it out and putting it on size 2 needles.

Well, I’m knitting away and along comes Loki, my big goofball of a dog. He came and sat at my feet, gazing lovingly at me, and slaps a giant paw on my knee. Before I could move my knitting (I absolutely knew what his next move would be), he leapt up into my lap, ripping the needle right out omy hand, and knocking a bunch of stitches off the needle! A few bellyrubs later (during which I thought my ribs would crack!),he got down to go find Zack. *sigh* Brioche is kinda hard to fix,since there are yatnovers all over the place!

Decision made, I searched fruitlessly, for about an hour, for my Kollage size 2 needle ( that I had just used last week! Apparently it’s tired and needs a break, it has hidden itself well). Lickiky, I have some cheap bamboo needles that I bought when I wanted to learn how to knit in the round, and pressed those into service. About 6 hours later (I swear I can now do that Italian cast on on my sleep!), and this is what I have now!

Ilike the fabric I’m creating much better, and that cast on is much neater!

Anyway, that what I’ve got today, aside from one finished sock, and half the cuff of the second.

Super weird looking photo, but we’ve all been there, lol.

Oh, and I called my old LYS, I’ll be buying a kollage 40 inch sock needle tomorrow from her shop and having it shipped. Yay!

Happy day,



I did a thing….

A few actually! Harakeke is finished, and blocking as we speak.

I am so in love with this piece! Its gorgeous, and massive, and so soft. It’s even beautiful with the wrong side showing, which I didn’t realize until I had it all pinned out!

I’m also nearly finished the toe on the first of my woodland walk socks, fabulous yarn gifted to me by Bonny.

Just a simple leaf pattern running up the sock, but very pretty. I’ll finish this one and start the second sock today.

I also cast on for the Njord cowl, but am only six rows in, so it still looks a bit of a hot mess. I think the two color Italian cast on is awesome, bit looks a bit strange to me. My colors line up properly, so I’m guessing I did it correctly!

But, the thing, the thing I’m excited about! I decided I’m going to knit The Handmade Sock Society patterns, starting with season 1, and working my way through. I bought the digital booklet this morning, and I ordered two skeins of sock yarn from Expression Fiber Arts in Charlotte, NC. I just need to buy a new 40 inch cable needle, and I’ll be ready to start this project. I’ll post pics of the yarn when it arrives.

Obviously my unemployment has begun coming in, and since I’m not going anywhere I get to do a little something for just me!

My parents and kids are all well.

Happy day,


P.S. the good mood is in direct relation to how little I am currently gluing myself to the news. I know things are hard, and ugly, and scary and stressful, but I was making myself nuts. I get the highlights for my area, watch my governor’s news releases and stay home for the most part, with the exception of a ride on the bike once a week. It’s what works for me, or I’d be a total basket case!


It was a good birthday

Yesterday I made my half century mark. It turned out to be a good day! A quiet (ahem, are there any other kind right now?) bit a good one. I spent the day ignoring the dirty dishes (it drove me nuts, but I made my stand!), streaming a show and knitting. We took the bike out in the early evening, and eric made a delicious steak dinner. I had gotten a cake earlier in the day, and I’m the only one who had any, so now there is most of a cake staring at me.

Happy day,




Hey everyone! Today is beautiful in eastern north Carolina, the sun is out, the sky is cloudless and brilliantly blue. I’m gearing up to make a grocery run…we are out of dog food. Hopefully the store has it.

I just finished a pair of shorty socks! And wove in the ends on 3 other pair I finished earlier this year!

The pair on top were this morning’s finish. I really like them. Three of those pairs will be given to someone else, since I either dont like them or they turned out just a little too big.

Work on harakeke continues, I’m nearly through chart 5, just about halfway. I’d share a pic, but its wrinkly, and bunchy on the needles. I really am enjoying this pattern!

My unemployment finally hit my bank account. I was so excited to pay my phone and car payments! The deferrment fell through the cracks of the lending bank, so I’m just pretending I never made that request at all, and will just do what I must. I’d rather do that anyway, honestly. Now I can stay on track and not worry quite so much.

Today, I will purchase the pattern for the Njord cowl, though right now I’m planning to finish harakeke before casting on more brioche. We’ll see how that works out! I may just wind the yarn for it, and for another pair of socks.

After the grocery run and some basic chores I plan to just stream something and knit. Not much else to do today.

Hope everyone is well.

Happy day,



Finished socks

I just finished these. Not sure if they’re for me or someone else yet…I seriously dislike self patterning yarn. If I want colorwork socks, I’ll knit actual colorwork socks. This skein of yarn is some of the last sock yarn I still had. Next up, some shorties out of yarn that Bonny sent me.

I also finished the Porcelain bowl, and can’t remember if I mentioned it!

Also began Harakeke, by the lace eater. Loving it!

Staying as positive as possible around here. Also avoiding the news, except the occasional update. That makes life so much better!

Happy Easter, happy day,