Optimism returns…

At least for now. I really am the person that looks for the silver lining. Always have been, always will be. Not to say I dont get down now and again, but I always come popping back to the surface, take a deep breath and look for the good! These are definitely odd and bizarre times we’re experiencing, but we will get through, possibly battered, but through.

There’s my cheery note for the day! Meanwhile, I’m still in my jammies, teeth brushed…well, I was…some time has passed. I finished the Porcelain cowl today.

Happy day,



Steadier (HA) today

Really, though, I am! I sulked and ranted, and now I feel better. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words!

I finished a sock that has been hanging around for months yesterday, the second of the shorty pair. May I present my jaywalkers

I really dont like this pattern. Dont know why, it just does not appeal, though they did turn out rather pretty. But, now I’ve done the much talked about pattern, and never have to again! These may be going to live with my sister, which will make her VERY happy.

I started new socks this morning, which will (gasp) be full length, as I dont feel like figuring out how to make it work as shorties, lol. (Prepare for the HA moment!) I said I’m feeling steadier, and I really think I am, and then I tried to follow the sick stitch pattern. It’s seawall socks, by tincan knits. They write fabulous patterns, I know how to knit, I know how to knit cables. My poor feeble brain could not make sense of it. Lol. I had to think back and recount and talk each step of each stitch through, out loud. At least this is how the stress is manifesting…an inability to immediately be able to follow a stitch chart. It could be worse…much, much worse. I just keep laughing at myself over this little hiccup.

In other news, eric may have found me my first motorcycle. Its little, a harley (I really want an indian scout), and cute.

Happy day,



Y’all, I’m pissed!

I’m pissed, for a bunch of reasons. I’ve had this rage in me the last few weeks, and it came to a head the other day. I feel better, more rational now, but I am still pissed, just more quietly.

I’m pissed about

  • I don’t know if I will see my dad relatively well and himself again.
  • I am stuck at home, not able to work. Having a job very much defines my days, and I’ve (I know, many of us have) lost that for the next little while.
  • I do not like being able to contribute to my household, I feel like a damn freeloader.
  • I hate that 3 members of my household have essential jobs and have to deal with the ignorance of people that aren’t paying attention to safety guidelines. I want them all home, with me.
  • Chloe was finally, finally being happy and comfortable here, and now she’s stuck home, bot being a 16 year old kid.
  • My dogs make me insane. I love them, but they are not little lap dogs, despite what they think.
  • I am so worried about both of my parents, mom is a type 1 diabetic, is 70 and works in a grocery store.
  • I cant go visit my parents.

I do have alot to be grateful for, my parents are doing well. Chloe is handling this like a rockstar, with minimal moaning and only an occasional bout of obnoxiousness. I can knit, and do yard work, watch our baby veggies grow, be cuddled by dogs (read that as totally squished!). The days are getting longer and warmer. The grass is almost completely green now(it browns in the winter here).

See, not so bad, once I got most of that rage out the other day.

The shawl above is wendys ferns shawl, I finished it last night and 800 miles of blocking wires later, its having good stretch on my bed. I think I started it on Tuesday night, but maybe Monday. I’ll work on finishing the Porcelain cowl today. After, or possibly instead of, I’ll probably do another lace something. For some reason my brain is craving complicated,and having to count right now.

Here’s a gratuitous pic of my dad from the other day. I’m so glad mom is learning how to text!

Happy day,



So, its Saturday…

Not that that means much to me currently, but I was proud of myself knowing what day it is!

Yesterday the governor issued a 30 day stay at home order, so no work for me for another month. My bosses (a wonderful married couple) told us to take advantage of being a le to file for unemployment. I did, found out the amount I should get and am now waiting on the final determination. I will defer my car payment for may, and I should be ok.

Dad update….so not good. Stage 4, very rare and hard to treat, spread into his lungs and a nodule. Next step is a PET scan (on Tuesday), then the mayo clinic in Jacksonville, Fla in about 2 weeks. And I can’t do a damn thing about any of it. Not a f**king thing. My parents are holding up well, though, so I’m letting that steady me.

There’s the finished Black Death shawl. It’s nice, nothing fancy, but pretty in a simple way.

I’m still plugging away at the Porcelain cowl, I’ve got 3 1/2 inches of the neck portion knit, and only have to get to 8 inches. (Reminder….size 2 needles, laceweight yarn…I am a glutton for punishment!) ยน

I really do love it, and am ok with it taking forever!

Today, I’ve already cleaned, just waiting on the dishwasher to finish and the laundry to be done. I’ll be mowing the front yard and finishing up the weed whacking in about a half hour. I also plan to wind yarn for beckley, a d the njord cowl. I’ll buy the cowl pattern, and a shetland lace wrap pattern today. So, I’ve got plans. I may also buy yet another 40 inch size one needle, since the dog sat on a d broke my last one. I really do prefer to do socks TAAT. I’ll probably have to throw the soccer ball for chloe again today, too.

Look at me planning out my day and trying to be productive! At least I’m making myself get dressed every day, even if I refuse to put on a bra to sit home!

I’m going to give you guys my FB name, and my Instagram name. Reach out of you want to connect.

Shanwhip18 on Instagram

Shannon Hoban Whipple on FB.

Happy day,



I almost put on a bra

….but then decided it was silly. I did, however get dressed today, and remembered to moisturize. Baby steps, people!

The house is clean, dinner is in the crockpot, and I have run out to meet the school bus that is delivering breakfast and lunch for chloe.

I started Black Death on Tuesday, and expect to have it finished today, or tomorrow morning at the latest.

This is pretty simple pattern, with a little counting, yet I still had to tear it out and restart 4 times. I guess I’m a bit more rattled than I thought. I also keep trying to do brioche stitch on this thing. I’ll pick up the Porcelain cowl again later, once this one is finished. Only about 6 1/2 inches left of the cowl portion, but it may take awhile on size 2 needles with lace weight yarn.

I have my next few patterns planned…beckley (a shawl), the Njord cowl, and the victory sweater. I needed to rip out gardengate and redo it, so I’ll use that yarn for this sweater.

Knitionary on FB has been sharing lots of patterns that are free or discounted.

Gonna go and knit!

Happy day,



A little of this, a little of that

First, thank you Bonny!! What a fabulous gift!

What a terrific bunch of yarn! I can not wait to get into knitting it.

Here is where I am on the Porcelain cowl. I’m ready to join and begin knitting in the round. Since I am tired of constantly referring to the pattern I’ve decided to do the cowl portion in plain brioche, and really let the patterned section shine. We’ve been going down to the river to fish alot this past week, and having to tote around everything I need for this cowl has gotten annoying, lol.

My next project is a shawl that is titled “black death”, it suits the current atmosphere and just tickles my dark sense of humor. It’s free on ravelry. Also, it will serve as a little knit palette cleansing before I dive into the Njord Cowl. I have 2 balls of a bruised blue worsted that should set the tone just right.

In other news, we have all survived week one of me not working. It probably helps that zack, kate and eric are all still working. Chloe has been deep cleaning to stave off boredom. I never even knew she knew how to clean ANYTHING! We have groceries, nothing overboard, just our normal shop with a little kid friendly (read that non keto) stuff thrown in. Most of the store shelves here are bare of essentials, which I find ridiculous. I swear, people are spending every cent they have to make sure they dont have to drink tap water.

I’m just streaming shows, getting dirty looks from the dogs when I chase them off the furniture and knitting. We go on our walks when it’s not raining, go fish, and we’ve taken the bike out a few times. I think we’ve got at least a few more weeks of this, so I’ll just power through!

Happy day,



A mistake and a story

There’s the mistake….I miscounted in there, didn’t notice and now have to unknit several rows to fix it. I can read my stitches, but I have not yet figured out how to drop down and fix a mistake. *sigh*. I think this one is going to go into time out for a little while, maybe if I leave it alone my brain will work out how to fix it. In the mean time I’m going to start the Porcelain cowl, also brioche, in white and purple lace weight. I may be nuts, but I’ll be occupied!

So, the story. Go get your tea, coffee, wine or whiskey, I’ll wait.

When we first moved here I discovered a cute little wool shop right here in town. Literally a mile and a half from my house. At first, I was a little hesitant to spend much time there, as I wasn’t working and had a yarn budget of zero, for months. I had a long conversation with the owner on quiet day when I was desperate to distract myself and have people to talk to that I hadn’t given birth to. She told me to come on in any time, regardless of how much yarn I could buy, she was delighted to be my friend.

From that, I began making a few friends. We met outside of the wool shop, to knit and have lunch. We even went to a class in a neighboring area one time. I was excited, I was making friends, I knew people with common interests. I did find it odd they asked me not to mention to the wool shop owner that we met outside of the shop. I also said I wouldn’t, but if she ever asked directly I wouldn’t lie about spending time with them.

Fast forward another couple of months. One day at the wool shop, the owner asked me to deliver a box of things a couple of things those women had left at the shop, when I went over there. I said sure….completely unaware of the underlying currents. I delivered the package….some needles that had belonged to the one ladies mom (she and the shop owner had been friends), a scale another lady had left there. Nothing critical or earth shattering….or so I thought. We knitted, laughed, talked and had a nice afternoon.

When I got home I found a pattern one lady had asked me about, and went to send her the link on FB. she had unfriended me. I was a bit surprised, but damn, were my eyes opened to the type of catty, childish people they were. I was dropped like a hot rock. Well, I neither want nor need people like that in my life. Who kills the messenger? Catty, nasty, immature women….that’s who!

Now I spend my time at the wool shop, where those women do not go ever, and have forged more real and honest relationships. I’m grateful, but, I’m a bit catty myself, and now and again an opportunity to get passive-aggressive revenge just falls into my lap.

Here’s the fun bit! One of those ladies is a skilled knitter, she does beautiful work…but she has a terrible time with brioche. A few days after I posted on FB the very beginning of my syncopated brioche shawl, the one woman from that group I am still friends with (on FB, and am civil when I run into her)shared a beautiful syncopated brioche cowl (yup, the Njord cowl I’m planning to knit) to the one who dropped me faster than a freight train. So, I’m not only going to knit it, bit I’m entering it in the county fair that SHE enters stuff in every year. Petty?? Yup. Vintictive?? Absolutely!!

But, oh, so satisfying. Remember, I’ve knit with her, watched her many little tantrums when a pattern or technique got the best of her. Hell, I’ve seen her toss her knitting across a room full of people because it wasn’t behaving. I dont care if I win, or place, or anything. I just wanna piss her off, because I know they talk shit about me, and this will infuriate her.

This is the yarn I chose for my main color, and it will be on a jet black background. One because it will stand out beautifully, and two…she refuses to knit dark colors. (I told you, I’m passive-aggressive petty, and people like that just enrage me!)

This what I’ll be knitting. I honestly think this is gorgeous, and I’ll love wearing it. It’s totally my style.

So, there’s the back story on this project. I know I’m being a little mean, but I didn’t deserve to be treated that way,and I’m not one to lay down and take it. Good or bad, there it is.

Happy day,