playing catch up

I think, last time I wrote I was getting ready to leave on our vacation. Let’s assume that this is a true statement and move forward from there. Vacation was everything a vacation should be, beautiful, relaxing (I had trouble leaving our little nest, even though there were 16 of us there) a little history (my daughter went to Jamestown and Yorktown with me-it was a little eerie to stand on that battlefield knowing that soldier fought and died right there for our very first freedom). There is a lot of military activity in Virginia Beach, so we were treated to a daily show of jets, ships and helicopters:216 And let’s not forget the beautiful and breath-taking sunrises, every morning. (yeah, you would think I’d sleep in on vacation. nope, not me. I get up, start the coffee, grab the camera and assorted children and head to the beach to watch the show)144 We came home a day early, I had to work and my older daughter had her first ever horse show (it killed me, but I knew she was in good hands). She didn’t win any ribbons that day, but she did awesome for only having about 8 hours of show training (mind, she’s been riding on her own since she was four, and I swear has super glue in her butt!795

The next few days went as expected, meaning busy busy busy! Then it happened. I developed a belly ache. I slept for nearly 36 hours (absolutely unheard of! I hate to nap, and usually stay up late and rise early) I still felt no better. For a solid WEEK I wanted to crawl under a rock and cry. I suffered through work each day (damn my parents for instilling such a strong work ethic in me), came home and pretty much collapsed. I don’t even know what the kids had for dinner during this week, I’m thinking my husband took care of that, but really have no idea!

Finally, finally, this past Friday I woke up and felt like myself again!! I rejoiced! I damn near did a happy dance. I couldn’t even knit while I was sick, watching the motion of my hands did terrible things to my stomach and my head. I managed a few rows a day on various projects, but got nowhere. Now I am feeling human again and I’ve been working on the second sweater for my friends baby (who is arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday….Can Not Wait!!!) and after a reward visit to my LYS I started on a summer top for me.
Another top down, seamless garter stitch baby jacket, in a larger size than the last one, with stockinette on the bottom half and I’m cabling in a wee owl on the front. It is adorable, and hopefully this idea works out!

This is this pattern made in a linen cotton blend on size 4 needles. I love it so far, though I’m only 5 inches in. This yarn is working up beautifully, and I love the light khaki/olive color. the yarn is juniper moon farm, zooey, in color #7. This yarn and pattern purchase was my reward for having to drive all the way into town the other day and having to go to walmart for something I was looking for, which I could not find anywhere else, darn it! A just reward, for sure.

Now I must go get ready for work. It is a beautiful day here in the Pocono Mountains, and it’s going to be a busy one at the barn, I already have several trails booked for today, and as a bonus a dear friend is coming to spend the day at the barn with me and I am very anxious to see her!

happy day,


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