giving it a whirl

so, I’ve decided to start a blog. I don’t know if I’ll like blogging, or be very good or even consistent with it, but I’ll give it a whirl. I decided to start this blog so I can rattle on about my knitting without, hopefully, boring everyone to tears. I’m sure I bore my entire family, well, except one of my cousins that recently began to knit, but she lives in Wisconsin now, so it’s a little hard to chatter about our knitting. A little over a month ago, all of my projects hated me, or I hated them, not really sure about that! I was working on my first ever lace project, with a beautiful merino/wool blend laceweight (don’t recall by what company right now, and I’ve lost the label…go me) on size 3 US needles. I’ll admit to being frustrated with the first pattern I picked, so I ripped it back and chose another, simpler looking pattern (how I thought that I’ll never know, the first had “rest” rows between pattern rows, the second was densely patterned every row…somehow though, it was easier). everything was going along well, until one night I dropped my right needle and about 30 stitches jumped off the left needle. ok, I can do this, I very carefully picked up every one of those stitches and put it all back together……and then I dropped that damn needle again, pulling off about 20 stitches. in my effort to catch everything I actually made a worse mess than I would have if I had just let it fall. I began repair work again, only to have lost some of the stitches in the decreases and was unable to find them again. it was all over, that lace and I were no longer friends, so the frogging began. I cried actual tears over that ruined piece of lace. I rolled the wool, sat it in the lovely yarn bowl my niece made me and let it sit on the mantle until it told me what it wanted to be. while that disaster was occurring I was also working on a hooded sweater for my youngest daughter, in neon green (red heart super saver, she’s 10 and I am not spending a fortune on pretty wool for her to outgrow it in a month), my poor eyes! I was nearly finished with the sleeves and ready to assemble it all when I really looked at the sleeves. hmm, they seem a bit short. sure enough, they were lacking by about 4 inches! oh, no, I held the back and front up to her, short by miles! added length to the sleeves, finally got them right, then had to pull out the binding and add length to the front and back pieces. I am very happy to say that the neon sweater is finished, as of this past Friday, and she wore it to school yesterday. Whew! the knitting and I are getting along better these days, but there will be more on that later, my cabled sweater, that I’ve had to pull out twice is calling me! happy day!


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