I have just finished the fifth project, of nine, I’ve had on the needles for the last month (why, yes, I had a serious case of startitis). this particular project is a baby afghan, and I find I really don’t like doing baby projects anymore. I did want to post a picture, but can not for the life of me figure out how to get it on here, so another day soon, when I have more time to explore.

so, back to that ball of beautiful and temperamental lace wool that we left sitting on my mantle. it began whispering to me that it wanted to be a pi shawl, which I had read about in a blog (again, I don’t know how to link to it, so that will also have to come later). on a pattern search I went. I found a beautiful pattern, on http://www.yarn.com, by bonnie sennott, called “firmaments lace shawl”. I fell completely in love!! I think the yarn did, too, as it has not once decided to jump for its life off of my needles. oh bliss, oh joy, oh mind numbing counting, but you know what, I love it, I am thrilled with its progress, even when I do lose the ability to count in any sensical kind of way. it’s almost finished, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like all round instead of bunched up on those size 3 circulars. hopefully by then I will be able to post a picture of it.

I do still have a cabled sweater in the works, which I am really enjoying. I am making that in red heart super saver, because I am so afraid I will do something wrong that I didn’t want to have to rip out more expensive wool, so I am considering this my practice sweater. if I like it i’ll invest in some drool worthy wool, and if I don’t I have something warm for work in the winter that didn’t make me anxious when I think about the cost. a win either way.

there are also two pairs of socks lurking in the back ground, that I keep in my truck and work on while waiting for the kids busses in the morning and afternoons. I am quickly becoming obsessed with making socks, born I think from my desperate attempt to stay warm while working in the frigid temperatures we’ve had here in the Pocono Mountains all winter.

that’s all for today, I had more I wanted to say, but can’t actually remember what that might have been right now.

what projects have frustrated or captured your imagination?

happy day!


another one down


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