fighting the beginning of beginning

I can feel a serious case of boredom with my knitting starting to hit.  Maybe it’s because both the pi shawl, which is five pattern sets and a border away from finished, and the cable sweater are both a steely grey, and my other two projects, both colorful are socks.  And I want those socks but they are my reward knitting.  One is a half finished pair, have to just do the second sock, in a beautiful heathery medium purple (ella rae sport weight), the other is at the point of turning the heel of the second sock, in a dark olive worsted acrylic wool blend, that is thick, heavy and promises to be very warm.  I did use the socks for my bus stop knitting, but yesterday my truck decided it was a good time for a vacation and something isn’t working along with the serpentine belt…….won’t go any further, it’s frustrating and depressing to me to have my truck down.  Since I won’t be driving anywhere for the next few days I gave the socks a new job, and have to be tough.


The pi shawl, I am so in love with this piece.  It’s my first piece of knitted lace, I’ve crocheted tons of lacy things in the past, but knitted?  Not until now.  I love it’s color, and the softness, oh my, the softness is heavenly.  I love the way it’s looking, with different lace panels throughout.  Even if the middle pattern of lace looks nothing like the picture because I was being lazy and not counting as diligently as I needed to. There’s a learning curve to knitting, and learn I did!  It doesn’t matter, all of the small mistakes, I love this shawl and can not wait to have it finished.  I have the correct number of stitches now, and count every single stitch between every marker on both the lace rounds and the rest rounds.  Tedious?  Of course.  But this shawl will be a thing of beauty and I love it already.  My mom also fell in love with it, mostly for the color, and the texture.  When visiting she kept petting it and saying how lovely the color is.  I may have to part ways with this beauty and gift it to my mom.  We’ll see how that goes, because sometimes I am a very selfish knitter.

Perhaps my other problem with getting that itch to start casting on willy nilly is the small pile of stash I am accumulating for the next round of projects.  This tiny baby stash currently resides in a pretty basket and rests on the floor, right next to where I sit when I knit.  I am finding myself gazing longingly at the red and white self striping wool that is going to be socks for my son, the other three balls of colorful wool that will be socks for me (have a I mentioned I work outside and covet warm wool socks like nobody’s business?), the pale orange cascade 220 that will be felted slippers for my sister, and maybe me, and drooling about the lace weight   alpaca I picked up the other day, and can already feel it in my hands.  I have a total weakness for alpaca, always.

And this sweater.  I love it, too.  It’s cabled, and pretty, loose and swingy, a delight.  But I am knitting it in acrylic, for two reasons.  I really wanted it, now, and just could not find an alpaca blend that I could afford to buy 2000 yards of right now, acrylic is so much more affordable.  The second reason is because so far I’ve stuck with a single cable on anything I’ve made that’s cabled.  This pattern isn’t complicated, but there are several cables on both the front and back, still simple, but appearing to be more complicated, until I started working the pattern, and if I screwed up and had to rip back (which I did, three times, once because the thing was tremendous, and I don’t mind oversized, prefer it really, but I think it would have fit around the pony when I was done, and he’s fat right now, and twice because I got the cables going in the wrong direction) I didn’t want to destroy my yarn before I got halfway finished.

So, all of these things are working against me, and I’ve set a personal goal of having nine projects off the needles by April 5.  I am making progress, I’ve finished 5 projects already, and am making good head way on the rest, but those other balls of wool are calling my name, loudly and persistently, relentlessly, even.  I am trying to make that a motivator for me, not a weakness.  We’ll see if I cave in the next couple of weeks.

happy day,


ps..I really want to post pictures of these things, but it has been ridiculously cold here the last week, and I spend enough time outside at work, so I’ll take some at the end of the week and post them, when it’s a little warmer out there.


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