finished objects…..wahoo!!

I not only have some finished projects, but have figured out how to post pictures..




this is the neon green sweater I finally finished for my youngest daughter.  she saw this yarn at walmart, grabbed it, hugged it and said, “please, mommy, make me a sweater from this?”, all the while batting her eyes.  how could I say no?


a baby blanket for a dear friend who is expecting a little girl in june.


a lace infinity scarf.  this pattern worked up so quickly and was fun, too.


these socks may just be my favorite of the things I have finished recently.  I love them, they are soft, they are warm, and I love the striping, which surprised me as they worked up.

I discovered I have a thing for socks.  I love them.  I love making them.  I love all of the patterns I find for them. 

I actually just finished a pair of these socks (if you want to check my finished ones out,, that should take you to my projects page) I love them too.  I made one pair in worsted, because I like thicker, warmer socks, and have one pair half finished in a beautiful, heathery light lavender by ella rae.  these socks were so fun to make, I can’t wait to make more of them.

I am off to my second, part time job and the rest of the day will be spent working on the second of the purple socks.

happy day,





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