where do the days go?

I have been so busy the last few days I feel like I’m going in circles to nowhere fast!  Work has been getting busier for me, with more people coming to ride this past week, and I am sadly understaffed at the moment, so that means it’s mostly all on me.  That’s ok, because I really do love my job, working with the horses, teaching people to ride and taking out trails, but I am exhausted!  Today and tomorrow are my days off (the first two days off I’ve had in a row in I don’t even know how long), so I will be enjoying them.  The bonus being that tomorrow is my birthday and I’ve got some plans.  Nothing elaborate, or particulary stunning, but lots of fun for me, anyway.  Today I plan to meet one of my employees and go riding with her, on her horses, which is totally cool, because I haven’t been on a horse in a non-work related way for about 6 years.  Tomorrow includes, among some errands that can’t be avoided or I can’t feed the natives, a trip to my wonderful LYS, that’s always cozy and inviting.  So, in all, a good “weekend”.  Saturday is work, and Sunday will be spent with my family at our cabin for hiking and Easter dinner. 

I managed to finish a drop stitch scarf, in a pretty tonal red.  I thought this scarf would make me cry toward the end, because I was trying to be disciplined and not cast on 26 things that I want to knit.  I nearly succeeded, and only cast on these:http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/french-press-felted-slippers for my sister.  The knitting is complete, just have to slap them together and felt them, now (I admit, I’m a little scared about that!).  They currently look like this:


Knit in Cascade 220, California poppy.  Sister’s favorite color is orange.  Wish me luck on the felting.

I also cast on, after the scarf was finished and tucked away to be washed and blocked another day, two more drop stitch scarves.  One is in an orange, I think cotton, that was once a sweater I pulled apart because I loved the color.  The other is in Tiara by Hikoo, it’s white with little beads and sequins in the wool, and I love it.  (odd, that, as I am not a beads and sequins kind of girl, more like jeans, sweatshirts, mud and horsehair!).  I’m making the sparkly one for my mom, as she loves sparkly things.  They are babies yet, and I plan to work on them when I don’t feel like being challenged or counting.  They look like this:



This little lump of prettiness is going to be this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/top-down-garter-stitch-baby-jacket .  Ella Rae classic sport in color 17, how boring, but I love the color.  I’m just praying to the knitting gods that I have enough of this wool to finish this one as a newborn size, then plan on making a larger size in the yarn left over from a baby blanket  I just made for a dear friend who is expecting in June.  Maybe I just don’t like doing blankets, because I am enjoying the heck out of this sweater.  I want to figure out a way to do this in stockinette, also, so I can do a cute little cabled owl on one of the fronts, since her theme is owls.  Speaking of owls, I am making these awesome socks, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owlie-socks, with the leftover Cascade 220 from the slippers.


I eliminated the center cables on the pattern to accomadate using worsted weight, since that’s what I had on hand and had to start these socks immediately upon finding the pattern (and I love thick socks!  But I think you all have gotten that message by now.)  Eliminating those center cables worked out perfectly to get 40 stitches on the needles to fit me.  Bliss!!

And finally, a gratuitous shot of my sweetest boy, Adso, who Is nearly one (I decided that we share a birthday).  My daughter found him in the woods last year a couple of weeks after my birthday and brought him home, his little ears were still closed, and you could tell his eyes had just opened.  I called a friend who is heavily involved in animal rescue and she explained how to feed him, toilet him and care for him.  I had serious doubts that this little guy would survive, he fit in the palm of my had with lots of room to spare, but he thrived and I am completely besotted with him!  I often tell the kids he’s my favorite child.





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