Today I begin the process of packing my son’s room up.  This does not make me happy, but he is, so I guess that’s okay.  He went to stay with my sister two months ago,  a decision based upon his making really bad choices and decisions and the tension that was creating for everyone in the house.  He’s happy, has a job interview today (it will be his first) and this mother’s heart weeps and soars in turn.  He has made the decision to stay at my sister’s, she’s happy to have him, and I’m a little broken at the prospect.  Alright, I’m a lot broken at the prospect, but like I said, he’s happy, doing well in school and making better choices now, but I want my boy with me, very selfishly.  My other three children are thriving, not that they weren’t before, but now there is less attention going to the firstborn (for years he’s had issues in school that took up a huge amount of my time, between lawyers, meetings at school and various tests and doctor’s appointments), since I have gotten him into a school that suits his needs and works with him instead of against him.  This is really working for all involved, my sister loves having the boy with her and her family, he loves being there, and I love that I am not constantly having to ground him for doing stupid things.  Perhaps this is a good day after all.  I apologize for venting here, but there really isn’t anyone to talk to about this, as everyone insists IT”S FOR THE BEST, and they don’t quite understand where I’m coming from.  Thank you for listening.

I re-started socks for the younger boy, and I think they will fit without being “floppy”, I have one more teeny little sleeve to do on the purple baby sweater, ripped out the owl sock (that was nearly finished) for being too tight (why would I try them on before getting to the toe?).  I spent some time on ravelry this morning and found several patterns for socks in worsted weight, of which I think I have a dozen hanks of yarn specifically for socks.  Socks are soothing.  Unless they’re “floppy”, or cut off all circulation, that is. 

I’m hoping to find some time to work on a sweater that’s been on the needles for a couple of months now, that I think I will totally love. The sleeves are finished, and the back is nearly there, then just the front, assembly and neck to do.  I just ordered enough yarn to do another sweater that’s been kicking around in my head for awhile now, and don’t think I want to have two sweaters going at once, especially since I love big squishy pullovers.  Knowing me, though, I’ll probably have two!  I just really hope I like the sweater that is in my head, and that it works out well, I have to really figure out what size needles I want to use and how many stitches to cast on.  Cross your fingers I hit that right combination rather quickly!

Well, I’m off to begin wading through a teenage boys room, and then on to some very therapeutic knitting.

happy day





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