all yarned out

It’s been eight days since I’ve looked at yarn of any kind.  This is kind of bizarre.  I feel no desire whatsoever to look at yarn, or even touch yarn that isn’t already mine.  I have yarn for a sweater still in the bag from WEBS, along with enough wool to attempt a felted sock idea I want to try out.  I have wool for socks, all worsted, and with two pairs on the needles now, I’m going strong.  I think I have enough to make eight more pair, right now.  I have three hanks of lace weight, all with projects in mind.  I have alpaca to make something for my aunt, and more alpaca to try a pattern that I saw, fell in love with and bought. 

Yup, I’m all yarned out for the moment.  This feels kind of good.  I was in a frenzy of wool buying for awhile there, and was getting worried that I was actually developing a yen for stashing.  I don’t really want to have a large stash.  I want enough wool to keep me busy and amused, but I don’t want it to take over my house, since it’s already threatening my living room. 

There is yarn of all varieties tucked away in a cedar chest, some leftovers and some for “practice” projects I have in mind, and to use for gift giving, all of which I’ve had custody of for quite awhile.  My work basket now holds other scraps and leftovers, along with yarn I got a little bored with before the finished object could be cast on, so I’ve moved to another, more easily portable work basket that has handles.  That one is full of in progress works and lives near the sofa.

I don’t even have any projects I am burning to start right this minute.  This is a strange turn of events for me.  Sure, there are things I want to get to, like another sweater for my friends soon to be arriving baby, but I have the yarn for that, too.  And I would like to use up the rest of the sport weight from the first sweater with a pair of little booties of some sort, and an I cord for the hat I finished knitting last night.  To take a break from the baby stuff I cast on an alpaca cowl last night, that will be for me next winter.  So what if the horses are fascinated by wool or fiber of any kind and they like to nuzzle it……it makes me feel a special kind of love! 

There are hopes that the yen to buy wool comes again, but maybe not too soon.  There are definitely other things that need buying in this house hold, such as toiletries and staples, along with clothes for the boy, riding boots and shirt for the older girl, as her first horse show is looming, and my boots don’t fit her quite well enough yet.  Oh, and how could I forget, shirts for the youngest, who is suddenly growing out of everything as she pulling it over her head.  I swear, shirts that fit her last week are showing an alarming amount of tummy all of a sudden.  By my calculations, I have enough knitting to keep me happy for about two months, if I dive into the cedar chest a bit.  So all should be balanced by then, and my empty (fingers crossed) basket will be mocking me from across the room, taunting me with it’s emptiness and demanding I fill it up, and now!


happy day!


p.s.  this is the cowl I began.  I think it’s brilliant, love the little flappy thing, though I might turn it around and wear it backward, as my cowls are always pulling out the back of my layers, probably from all that nuzzling that happens when I wear wooly things.  Working it up in Cascade Eco Duo in vanilla.  Love this wool!


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