My search is over!  I have finally found the lace pattern to use with my latest lace weight acquisition.  I am really very excited about this.  A few months ago while browsing (really just killing time before meeting my mom in town) my LYS, with not intention to buy anything I saw it.  It was nestled in with the rest of the lace weights, almost hidden in a corner and under nearly everything else.  Two small skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace Paints.  I fell instantly in love, and not just because it’s 100% baby alpaca, though that certainly didn’t hurt.  The color is what got me.  This yarn reminded me of the earliest of fall days, when most of the trees are still a vibrant green, but a few little renegade leaves are beginning to turn to red, gold and orange.  Understand that when I found this we were still in the throes of the seemingly never ending winter here without so much as a bud in sight or spear of daffodil leaf sprouting.  In a word, still really ugly out, and I was missing the colors that one encounters every day in early April.  We had none.  This yarn sang to me!  And has been sitting in a small bin in my living room since.

I scoured ravelry, hunting, searching for the pattern I wanted for these two wee skeins, with not luck.  Tons of possibility, but nothing that made me a little breathless.  Until Tuesday night.   I was bored, and browsing the forums when I stumbled upon a blocking question.  I clicked to open the thread, reading with interest (blocking is still kind of new to me, but the miracle that is blocking lace holds me enthralled!)  Out of sheer boredom, I clicked the link and fell in love.  This pattern screamed “I’m next!”.  And here it is:

As soon as I get a few projects off the needles I will be casting on for this.  I just have to finish my tank (nearly there) a baby sweater (one short sleeve to go) and I think the back of my giant grey sweater, and get the front on the needles.  I don’t count socks, or the two drop stitch scarves that are on the needles currently, because those are mindless, soothing things to knit, and don’t really need much concentration from me.  I’m hopeful I can turn these few things into Finished Objects by the end of the weekend so I can cast on Monday after work.  We’ll see.

happy day,



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