getting closer

So far, trying to have a little discipline is working for me (of course, it may be that I’m so tired after work I don’t have the power of concentration left to start!)  I have finished the latest baby sweater, except for weaving in and sewing on one wee little button.  I think I will do that tonight and take it next door to give to the new baby girl that arrived on Wednesday.  (she is beautiful, and so very sweet.)

I am nearly to the point on the easy V-neck shell where I begin decreases, so that is making me happy too.  I can not wait to wear this piece.  I just hope that blocking helps smooth out some of the stitches, but if not, that’s ok.  I will love it always.

I haven’t touched the grey sweater, but am anxious to get it done.  I’m tired of working on it, and I know if I take it out of the WIPs basket I will “forget” all about it, and I really really want the finished sweater.  I have decided, though, that I will not remake it in wool.  I will be happy with the acrylic version and move on from there to other sweaters I am dying to make.

In other news, I am sad that California Chrome did so poorly at the Belmont Stakes.  I had hopes for a triple crown winner this year.  He showed such promise.  I do agree with his owner, if your horse doesn’t qualify for the derby you shouldn’t be able to enter him in the other races.  To me, that’s like letting another team into the superbowl or world series on a whim.

That’s all for today, not much going on other than another busy day at work, where I am sadly shorthanded coming into our busiest season.

happy day,



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