and let’s not forget….a frogger, too

Yup, that’s right.  The Elianette Shawl, that I chose over other projects, then soundly  neglected, has been frogged.  I am very frustrated about this.  It looked okay, it was pretty, I adore the color, and I’ve never worked with smooshy before.  It should have been knitting bliss.  And it really was…..until I got far enough along to stretch it out a bit and see that my knitted piece didn’t look at all like the pictures on Ravelry, or even so much like the pictures included in the pattern.  Things just weren’t lining up right.  There were eyelets where there shouldn’t be, and my vertical row of knit stitches between them looked like I was knitting while drunk.  I wasn’t.  I’m afraid of what the knitted piece would look like if I enjoyed an adult beverage while knitting.  So to the frog pond it went.

Oddly, I’m not too upset about this.  This is the piece I’ve decided to donate to my aunt’s job.  She works at an oncology office, and her office regularly does fund raising events to directly benefit their patients that are in need, of whatever.  I like that.  It keeps the money raised local, and has a direct impact on their patients in a way that raising money for a huge organization doesn’t have.  So it needs to be as perfect as I can make it.  Maybe i’ll have the ten year old count my stitches for me, since I have long since lost the ability to count accurately! 

I’ve tried stitch markers between pattern repeats, and find I start worrying about the markers more than my work, so that won’t work.  I repeat the pattern to myself as I go, driving everyone in the house mad if they are watching a movie or trying to actually HEAR the weather report.  I’m thinking I may just throw a marker in every fifty stitches, so I can more easily count, but there won’t be so many markers as to get in my way.  Hopefully, if I’m coherent after work I’ll start again, if not, then tomorrow.

happy day,





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