can you see it….part two

Apparently I have become completely unable to not only count, but include both words and pictures in a single blog post. This all seemed so much easier just a few short weeks ago!

The picture in part one of this post is the Elianette

that I have already frogged once. I’m wondering if some of you can chime in with an opinion, do I fix this mistake or let it ride? Would a non knitter see this, if I do a quick fix, surrounded by a few more segments of different lace patterns. Or do I tear back this section and figure out where I went slightly nuts and thought all was well?

I am truly torn, but don’t know if I have the heart for another re-do. Nor do I want to trash this gorgeous yarn. It’s Dream In Color Smooshy, with cashmere, and I love it.

Please let me know if that error is as big and glaring as I think, and your opinion on which direction I should take. I will be quietly nestled in the couch with the big grey cabled sweater in the meantime, or perhaps weaving in ends on a finished shawl and baby sweater. We’ll see what I trust myself with.

happy day,


4 thoughts on “can you see it….part two

  1. I would go back because it annoys me to have mistakes in my knitting – even if they are so minor that only an experienced knitter with a magnifying glass would spot them!

    And you might end up not wanting to wear it because you know there are mistakes…

    • I ended up not going back, because despite minor picking down a couple of rows, and recounting stitches like a crazy lady I could not, for the life of me, figure out where I made the mistake. The small jog in the few lines are something I decided I could live with, and make the shawl uniquely mine. I think if this were being knit in a lighter color that showed the stitches more I’d have torn it out. thank you for your response! I tormented the whole family with “do you see where I screwed this up”?

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