It’s been a while….

Yup, it’s been I think two weeks since I last posted. I have been so incredibly busy at work that by the time I get home I can barely think straight, let alone write in a remotely coherent way. My evenings have been filled with relaxing and trying to stay awake long enough that I don’t wake up at 3 a.m. I’ve been mostly successful with that!
The stables I run has a rodeo every year, kind of a showcase for the kids and the community (so they all know what a terrific amenity the stables is), and it truly is a huge bit of fun, but crazy making for me, as I am in charge of the whole shebang. So many details to take care of, making sure nothing is forgotten, left out or ignored. Lots of extra cleaning around the stables, the horses will all be getting baths over the next week (so the kids have a more or less clean canvas to do the grooming competition, and the horses don’t stink too badly). And all of this is happening with our normal workload and riding and taking out trails. Whew….no wonder I’m exhausted.

I did rip out Elianette, and I started the Bamboo Wedding Shawl with the yarn, and am so much happier with that than I was.
The link for the shawl I am currently working on. It’s so very pretty, and I love that I don’t have to count every stitch twenty-seven times to make sure I counted right the first twenty-six times!

I did, however, need a break from counting in general and cast on a sweater that’s been kicking around in my head for a few months now. Not my own design, I’m turning a cropped cardigan into a pullover (I hope, and with lots of luck). I even did a swatch for this, since I wanted to use smaller needles than the original pattern calls for, so I could figure out my cast on. Hopefully I did the math properly (always doubtful, I hate math, it makes no sense to me whatsoever!). I think I did it right, as my back should measure about 14 inches, and I’m coming in at 15 1/2 inches across the width (no, I’m not that skinny, it’s a 1×1 rib, and really stretchy, and I’m not going for super tight, but I want a not sloppy and huge sweater), which seems like a good width for what I have in mind. I have to account for the sweater not being open at all, and am now thinking I should go a little bigger, but will be stopping in at my LYS (love them there!)and seeking a little guidance and/or confirmation of my math skills and estimations. Wish me luck! I’ll post pictures when I have a few minutes to take some, of all the current projects.

I haven’t forgotten the Anemone socks mentioned in a previous post, I am trying them out in worsted and think I hit on my magic number to cast on to get a sock that fits me. I still love them, but the pull of the Dream in Smooshy was strong, and I had to get something going with it that I loved (mission accomplished-the Bamboo Wedding Shawl), and this sweater decided it was time to be born.

Well, I am off to go get ready for a full day of shopping, for me, for home and for the rodeo that is in EIGHT days, dragging numerous children along with me to drop at the mall (my younger son has his first job and is anxious to go shoe shopping-go figure) and take to A.C. Moore for horse decorating supplies for my daughters. (And don’t worry, no horses are harmed with the decorating, all non toxic and water washable products are used. We check, about a hundred times to make sure nothing harmful or difficult to brush or wash off is used, and they are all thoroughly washed before being turned out for the night.) Wish me luck over the next week, and expect silence until the rodeo is over and done with. Did I mention I also host a party after the rodeo at my community’s clubhouse? I must be a lunatic.

happy day

p.s. I really hope this post has made some sense to some of you. My brain is in a complete whirlwind and I’m afraid there’s not one complete thought above!


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