the things i do to myself!

On top of all the current craziness I’ve got going on I did this to myself. And I love him, already (it really didn’t take long, at all). His name is Harley, he’s and American pit bull/great dane cross (yeah, I love big dogs). We picked him up Tuesday night, after seeing a post shared by my husband’s cousin on facebook. Husband said he wanted that puppy, and well, here we are.
I call that particular face “oatmeal face”. He tries to be a tough guy, and it just doesn’t work out so well for him!
And this is the youngest daughter when she realized we were getting a puppy and not looking at a truck like we told her. Absolutely priceless!
Just look at those eyes, which should stay blue (I’m hoping).
So far he’s been easy and a joy to have, we’ll see how nuts he makes me in the coming weeks. I so did not want another dog. Our dog, Chance, is getting older and I was adamant that we weren’t getting another dog. My husband was equally adamant that we were, and top of the list for a blue male pit bull pup. I don’t like pits that much, and not because of the reputation, I just love enormous dogs and they are too short for my taste. At least this way I had some control over the incoming dog, because it was totally inevitable, no matter what I said, that another was coming to live with us. This guy should get to be a good size, and I’ve always liked danes, so here’s hoping!

happy day,


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