it’s been way too long

Wow, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a minute to write! Quick update: the rodeo went well, everyone had fun, things went smoothly, we didn’t run out of food and no one got hurt! These are all very good things. The puppy, Harley, is doing well, getting very big, very fast ( I wonder sometimes what I got myself into!), and is proving to be very loving and easy to train. It is, though, very easy to forget he’s going to be twelve weeks tomorrow, and that he’s not older and should be further along.

I really did want to have some pictures for you today, but haven’t had a lot of time for much of anything. And when there’s time it’s been raining, and my house is too dark on rainy days for inside pics! Work is still incredibly busy, busier in fact, than the last four years, and it’s wearing me down. All that riding and walking and having no down time during the day. School starts over the next two weeks for the people who come to the stables and our own kids, so I will get my quiet then. I can wait (I think).

On the knitting front, I had two pieces that were kicking my butt, just not feeling right. I have straightened them out and am now happily making progress on both. They would be a pi shawl and a sweater idea I’ve had in my head for awhile. Now under control! I’ve completed two simple hats for this winter, with plans of a few more, and am already thinking of my next projects, though it’s a little soon for that. Seems like the only energy I have lately is with my knitting. I’m also working on a crocheted bunting that someone wants, but that’s boring me to tears.

Next post will definitely have pictures, and I don’t know, maybe be more interesting, I hope.

happy day!



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