And she’s back

Briefly….I have been having computer issues, had to get a new phone, which I think I finally figured out, and have had very little free time.

Two weeks ago I gave my knitting basket a good clearing out and made Dr visions about WIPs.  I ripped out the bamboo wedding shawl since I could not get my hands on a third ball of the yarn I needed and it would have been too short.  I settled on the bay of Fundy scarf (on ravelry) and will have enough wool to finish.  I also decided to frog my grey cabled sweater.  The sizing was terrible, where it should have bee 25 inches it was 36.  I would have never worn it, I could wrap the back entirely around myself.  I even had my daughter throw the finished sleeves away ( don’t worry, cheap yarn) so I wouldn’t’t be tempted for a third try.  There are too many awesome sweater patterns out there to waste energy on one that just isn’t working out.

I finished the pullover inspired by the high line cardigan, and I love it! 


(And am really loving my new phone, since I can add pictures with it!). We were at my daughter’s final horse show of the year and my bright sweater kept me nice and toasty.  I also found a home for the high line cardigan I made for said daughter that she didn’t like.  I gave it to my son’s girlfriend . (Not a great pic, taken early in the morning)


she loves it, which makes me happy.

I made pretty thing, by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, love it.  I sweated the last few rows, but really did have enough.


I also made a cowl based on one I saw in the Outlander series on starz.  Go watch it, read the books. Amazing!



A really bad pic of me, but it was late.  This was made in Rowan drift super bulky, which is delicious.  This one is mine, I made an infinity version in blue for my best friend…and she loves it.

To wrap up this disjointed and rambling post I am working on Robin Hoodie (again, on ravelry).  This one is for my younger son, who told me I should never make it for him, especially not in blue.  The child picked ultra alpaca in navy.  I have finished the hood and will be starting on the yoke soon.  I’be not done a top down sweater yet, so am hoping I understand the directions well enough. 


A very dark picture, but there’s the hood.

One gratuitous shot of the puppy, who is growing really fast, and is a little love.


Happy day,


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