Holy cow….There are some finished objects!

And some that are well on the way!  I finished my first pair of bus stop socks.  These are the ones I keep in my truck and work on while waiting for the busses to come, mostly in the mornings, since I am usually at work when the kids get home.  I do sneak a bit of work on them in if one of us has an appointment, but for the most part, these are morning work.


That’s them, already on and all bright and pretty.  It’s really chilly here in the Pocono’s today, so I am especially happy they are off the needles.  These are made from Northern worsted with wool.  Not my favorite wool, but I’be learned a great deal since I bought this yarn for socks.  The pattern is the weekend sock from Glenna C (crazy knitting lady), and is my favorite sock pattern.

The next finished project is another small one Barley, by Tincan Knits, which is quickly becoming a favorite, also.  This hat was made in ultra alpaca(yum!) In a dark grey heather for my daughter that hates knitted things.  She asked me to make it, chose the wool and picked the pattern.  We shall see if she actually likes, and (gasp) wears it.  If she does I will definitely get photographic proof. 


In a side note, this daughter has been selected to apply for Upward Bound.  I am so proud of her I could burst!

I have a Garter Stitch Baby Jacket very nearly finished, which is a good thing, because the baby is due soon.  This pattern is also, like pretty much every other pattern I use, is on http://ravelry.com.  (I love ravelry almost as much as I love alpaca)


Made in one of my favorite sport weight wools, Ella Rae Classic Sport, in green and a soft brown.  ( Has everyone caught on that I rarely save labels?) I thought these were good colors for a late fall baby boy that may be a redhead, like his mommy.  I have one and a half sleeves to go, finding a buttons and weaving and blocking and off it will go!  Sounds like so much more than it is.  I have given myself until the end of the weekend to finish.

Other fun and exciting knitting news:  I got over my fear of the yoke on the Robin Hoodie.  Imagine my shock when FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS and TRUSTING THE PATTERN actually resulted in exactly what it was supposed to.  There are one or two cables that are a bit wobbly, but not terribly noticeable.  I can live with that.  I know I’ll be making this sweater for myself eventually.  I am also making good progress on the Bay of Fundy wrap, it’s about a third of the knit.  I will also be knitting this pattern again.  Funny thing with these two projects: they are both cabled, not heavily but enough, and I chose the wrap to rest from all the cables in the sweater!  Good thinking there!

Sometime before I collapse from all my knitting and relaxing today, plan to cast on for a new pair of bus stop socks.  Of course, they may end up back in the house, since they are Owlie, on ravelry, and cabled.  I think I don’t have time to knit to a logical stopping place before I head back home for the next bus stop run of the day.  We shall see!

Happy day,


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