And we have light!

Thanksgiving week is usually an oddly quiet week for me.  I only have to physically be at work for 16 hours, being that thanksgiving is a paid holiday, the kids don’t go to school most of the week, so I don’t have to drive to the bus stop multiple times in the morning.  And this year we had snow forecast.  I love snow, a lot, a little
….I don’t care, I love it all.

Well, this storm gave us 10 inches of seriously heavy wet snow.  That was not good.  Our power went out early in the storm on Wednesday, and stayed off, with the exception of a few brief periods, until this afternoon.

That meant all of my plans went straight out the window.  I had visions of working til noon on Wednesday, going home, making brownies, watching movies And knitting while watching the snow fall.  Nope.  Not to be.  Instead we hunkered in front of the fire, had ice cream for dinner (love ice cream during a snow storm) and took a long walk in the dark and snow with my girls and the pup. I swear I was asleep by 8 that night.
No knitting accomplished, since the house was pitch dark.

Thursday morning.  Still no power (which also means no water…I have a well).  Knit a little on a sock, still no power.  Went to the store for cold cuts, chips and rolls.  We had a very strange Thanksgiving picnic.  Nice, but a little weird.  No power yet.  Took the younger son shopping with me ( please don’t judge, those sales save me lots of money on some of the things my children dearly want, and I deny them all year to make Christmas special for them.) Came home to still no power.

I was so happy to see the electric company vehicles around the corner from my house when I came home from work.  A few hours later….BAM….POWER!!!  What a wonderful feeling to be able to flush!  To wash some dishes, to have some coffee.  Now, finally I can sit and knit, smug with the tv on, the fans on the woodstove blowing, the kids all busy and content.  At least til next time the power is out and throws me for a loop.


Coming home on Wednesday, these branches are usually 12 feet above my truck.


Thanksgiving picnic

Snowman the littlest built.


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