I am not knitting for Christmas

Well….not really.  But definitely not in an official sort of way.  I have a pair of socks for the youngest, Chloe.  They were an accident.  I made them for me and in a frenzied laundry session they went through the wash, and shrank to exactly Chloe’s size.  The cobblestone socks I have on the needles for Katie are going in her stocking.

Each of the girls recently asked for a hat, so with a little stealth on my part into t he stockings they will go also.

EJ’s sweater is the big one.  I just have the sleeves to knit and it’s finished.  I plan on starting the sleeves tomorrow.  I was hoping to have this finished by now, but just could not deal with 16 inch circulars for the sleeves.  The needle was just a bit to long and hurt my hands.  I did that to myself on the body and won’t do that ever again.  My hands hurt for weeks!  I ordered a set of dpns which just arrived, but I wanted to clear the decks a bit before going in to full sweater mode.  This is something I feel an urgency to have finished by Christmas…the kid gave me a deadline and is convinced I won’t meet it.  The deadline?  January 2.  I know I can do this!

Other than that, not ok be present for Christmas is going on the needles.  And oddly, I feel no stress about Christmas this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I keep browsing small Christmassy things on ravelry, but so far I have stayed strong and resisted the allure of cute little ornaments.  They are already on my list for next year, though!

How are you doing on your Christmas knitting?

Happy day!


2 thoughts on “I am not knitting for Christmas

  1. I am not knitting for Christmas. It makes life too stressful. I am always double busy at work at this time of year, and have so little time to knit anything. 😦 My family make do with knitted things from me throughout the year! 🙂

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