An utterly ugly day

I want to be home, snuggled up with my knitting, fire roaring in the woodstove with a giant mug of something warm next to me.  Instead I am at work.

At work with half an inch of ice on the ground and cold heavy rain falling.  I just spent an hour waiting to be able to get the horses in ( the maintenance guys had to come throw cinders down for me, and it takes awhile.). While waiting I got their stalls ready with extra hay and made sure they had full water buckets, and everyone got a healthy portion of warm beet pulp.  Next is to get hay out to the fields.  Thank goodness we put the cab on the tractor…I’ll be dry while I’m driving around setting hay.  The horses will be in awhile, to dry off and warm up.  Somehow I don’t think they’ll mind.  I may just leave them in and go home for awhile, since there’s not much to do In the rain.

I will be happier with the weather later today when it starts to snow.  Stay warm and dry everyone, and have a sip of that warm drink for me!

Happy day.


2 thoughts on “An utterly ugly day

  1. Not nice to be outside when it’s raining and cold. Are you glad you’re a knitter on those days? (It’s something I think when I walk around snug in my knitted woolly things and everyone else is shivering in synthetic…) I’m a bit envious you get to be so active. Sitting with my butt glued to a seat for eight hours a day is not fun either.

    • I’m home now, decided it just wasn’t worth being miserabe. And yes, days like today always make me happy i knit, with my thick cowls, mittens and hats! I also really so love my job.

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