Swatching is for sissies…right?

I don’t swatch.  Never have, May not not ever, it’s hard to say.  My habit of just diving straight into a project has only kicked me in the tail end once that I can recall.

Right now, on the desk in EJ’s room is his sweater, blocking.  I am sending out good vibes and bribes to the blocking goddess that this thing blocks out close to the size it needs to be.  I swear, it shrank, which makes no sense, because all of my cables on the body line up with the cables on the hood.  This thing just got more and more narrow as I went.  I have the right number of stitches, and I tend to knit loose, and purposely didn’t pull too tight in the cables. I am flummoxed.


Here’s the sweater taking its bath this morning.


Here it is all long and skinny waiting to be swaddled before blocking.  (Sorry, really dark photos, but that’s what happens when you block and photograph your knitting at 5:30 in the morning)

It does, currently, have a much better shape right now, in its little resting place.  I just hope it keeps its shape so I can finish the sleeves and get the sweater done before my child induced deadline of January 2nd.  I should know by Wednesday if this will work.  If not, a frogging I will go!

And on the needles now is a hat for Katie’s stocking.  Ultra alpaca in teal.  The pattern is a copy of a hat she liked on instagram.  It’s coming out ok, but I think a chunky yarn would have maybe come out better.  She may even like it!

I also just banged out a few neck warmers, very simple, in ultra alpaca.  Size 7 circulars, cast on 72 stitches, knit 5 rows, do a row of elongated stitches (wrap yarn twice on each stitch), 5 rows of knit, repeat until it’s as long as you like it, bind off and you’re warm and cozy.  Oh, of course , after you’ve woven in the ends and blocked, if desired.  I didn’t block mine and it is wonderful.  I would posts pictures but my camera is being temperamental.

Happy day!


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