An update….

So, all that Christmas knitting I wasn’t doing is finished, with a little bit of crocheting thrown in last night for good measure.  I feel good.


These are 5 sweet little crochet stars started around 10 last night, made out of sheer necessity.  The youngest is in fifth grade and still likes to give her teachers gifts for Christmas.  My mom, wonderful and always prepared, gave Chloe presents for her teachers; which we lost sometime in the last few days.  No idea where they went, or even when.  So I searched and found a pattern  for rustic star ornaments.  Perfect.  Each one took about 10 minutes to work up.  Wove in the ends this morning, added a ribbon hanger and happiness was restored to my littlest girl.  I may have to make some of these for the tree next year.


These are the socks for Katie.  I ance the smallest bit of yarn leftover.  I was starting to sweat, thinking I was going to run out of wool before running out of sock, but I made it!  I just did a 2×2 rib for 5 rows, then switched knit for purl and purl for knit, slip stitch heel flap and my preferred toe. 


This hat is also for Katie.



This hat, barley, by tin can knits, (becoming one of my favorites, made a bunch of these) and drop stitch cowl are for Chloe.  I just hope she likes one.  I made a pink cowl in this pattern (cast on 72 , knit 5 rows, one row of knit, wrapping the yarn twice for each stitch, repeat when it’s long enough…don’t know if I made that up or not, but that’s how I did it.) And she was begging for it.


In other news, the tree is up and decorated, yesterday.  Presents are wrapped, many cookies have been baked and this mom is exhausted!

I am looking forward to Christmas this year, to enjoy my family, knit and nap.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Happy day.


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