Some small goals for today

Today I would like to finish one sleeve on Robin Hoodie.  I have one and I half pattern sets to get through, about an inch of the finishing motif and a few inches of ribbing to do.  So close, and still so much to do.


Alright, maybe two and half more pattern sets.

I also want to finish the first of a pair of chilly podsters.  I have been dragging my feet on these, and I don’t know why.  They are simple and fairly fast to knit, I like the color, and I love using ultra alpaca.


These are my ever so lofty goals for the day.  Along with some general cleaning up my seriously messy house and catching up on laundry.  There have been so many random kids through here it’s ridiculous.  Nothing overly ambitious, but important none the less.

I really want this sweater finished so I can cast on Haruni, which I am dying to knit for my daughter’s trainer; I also want to continue work on ethereal diamonds.  Such a pretty pattern, but honestly, it’s the wool I am in love with.  It’s Dale Garn Erie and I am in love with it!  I found the yarn, after scouring the internet, at my LYS and cast on as soon as I brought it home.  This particular project will be put away until one of my girls or nieces marries.ok



I, of course, made a few mistakes in the beginning.  I thought stitch markers would be a god idea and discovered, once again I do better without them when doing lace.  Lesson learned!

Off to my sleeve, folks.  Happy day!


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