I finished these Chilly Podsters last weekend and gave them to my co-worker.  He liked them, and is wearing them today.  Very gratifying.


This hat is for my son’s girlfriend.  I’m not wild about the patter, but love the yarn.  Regia, don’t remember color or type as the darling puppy had a taste of the ball before I started knitting.


This is Ethereal Diamonds, pattern on ravelry.com, knitted with Dale Garn erle.  I am in love! 


This is Haruni.  I’ve been dying to cast this on since summer, and have finally done so.  What a delightful pattern so far.  This is what I plan on knitting tonight, as soon as I publish this post.


Antler hat, by tin can knits.  I made this for me, but it’s a bit small, so to the youngest it went.  Just an excuse to knit another, bigger one.  I liked this pattern too!


Brody, and next her brother Roger, our barn cats.


He loves to sit on me when I take a break.


And finally, a picture of Harley napping after trashing the living room.

Happy day.


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