A valuable lesson

I began Haruni (on ravelry, still don’t know how to do links on my phone!) about two weeks ago.  The wool is Malabrigo lace, a new one for me, in a beautiful rich red aptly named Amoroso. 

It was a love affair from the word go, from that first line of cast on stitches sitting proudly on my needles.  Mind you, it was only three little stitches since Haruni begins with that weird little rectangle that is sheer brilliance.  I was plowing through the first chart, happy with seeing the pattern develop, stopping every now and again to admire how pretty the yarn is and how clever the pattern is.  (Lace always astounds me, I just don’t get how someone marks up a graph and makes pretty!  My hat is off to all designers!)

Everything was perfect.  I could see how it was coming together.  Then idiocy struck me down and I totally lost all ability to count, or make sense of a fairly simple chart.  I made a mistake.  I didn’t catch that mistake untile two rows later.  I counted, I tinked, I grumbled and muttered.  After about an hour I found the error.  I tinked back three rows (about two hundred stitches each), took a breath and began again on the first row of the third set of pattern for the chart.  I do that row, then two more, and found I made a mistake.  Three rows tinker, again.

Around this time I found a link on my Facebook page with a short article about using a lifeline.  I read that article, and all became clear.  Lifelines are my friends!  They will help me and save me from a full on hissy fit.  Now, I’be heard of lifelines, even thought they made perfect sense, but it never occurred to me to use one….until now.


I put in a lifeline, and knit on with a cocky air.  Third row, oh my gosh, same mistake.  I nearly chuckled as I confidently ripped back that lace.  I finally figured out that on the second or left side of the chart I was stupidly not knitting the few stitches BEFORE the pattern repeat, but diving in to the pattern immediately!  After four tries, because yes, I did it one more time after the first time ripping it back to the lifeline, all is right again with Haruni.  We are friends again a nd the love affair continues.

This is one bit of knitting I will be sad to give away, but she is intended as a gift for my daughter’s riding trainer, for the gift she gave my daughter by teaching her the ins and outs of the show ring, and the use of her amazing horse. 

Moral:  don’t be a dumb a**, use a lifeline!

Happy day.



2 thoughts on “A valuable lesson

  1. Katie says:

    Whenever I place a lifeline, I don’t need it. It’s the time I’m too proud and think I can manage without one that the knitting gods smite me!

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