A not so great weekend

Ok, I don’t like to whine, but I need to, just for a minute.  And not much about knitting today, either.

I was in a car accident late Saturday afternoon.  Not bad, my nephew, two kids and I are fine.  But my truck, my old, beat up gas guzzler jalopy of a truck may have been totalled.  I am crushed!  I love my truck.  It’s huge, filthy, roomy enough for eight people, snowboarding equipment, horsey stuff and to load up with firewood.


I will miss my truck terribly.  But on the upside I can get something smaller, that has a smaller gas tank and is more fuel efficient.  Sigh.  I don’t like this whole process, though.  It takes forever to go through the insurance rigamorole.

Whining is now over.  My next post I will hopefully have pictures of all of my awesome purchases from Friday.

Happy day


6 thoughts on “A not so great weekend

    • Perhaps. I’m getting a rental this afternoon. Appraisal for my truck is tomorrow, so I’ll know more the. The adjuster thinks they’ll fix it, but I I’ve got 302000 miles, so I dought it.

      • I know. We’ll see what they say tomorrrow. I will be sad if my truck is no more, but have resigned myself to the possibility. Thank god I just spent a small fortune at my LYS, I may not be buying any wool for awhile!

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