So close!


This is almost finished!  I can not wait.  Roughly half of a sleeve to go and on to the first of three sweaters for me!  I am, of course, now starting to doubt that the person this is going to will like it.  He should, and he will, its just that little niggling doubt.  I will know in a few weeks when it has been received,

Haruni has been put in time out for awhile.  I miscounted, and have been having so many water issues for the last few weeks at work that I am too tired to remember a simple stitch sequence….so she waits for my mind to quiet.

In the meantime I finished a pair of socks I was working on in my truck before it was crashed into and totalled.  Yup, my awesome truck is no more.  Moving on to something a bit smaller in the next week or so.


Weekend sock pattern by glenna c., on ravelry.  I also completed one of a pair of Anemone sock, by kiwiyarn, also on ravelry.  I love this pattern.  I was doing it inbworsted, but didint like the color and pulled it out.  When I went to my LYS last week for dpns for the sleeves of the above sweater I picked up two balls of berocco ultra alpaca fine, and one of them is being used for these socks.  Love them!


I know I promised to show all of my purchases from a couple of weeks ago, an I will, as soon as I have a few minutes to rub together.

Off to work soon where my day will consist of shovelling snow into water tubs to melt for the horses to drink.  Then to fill all of my buckets with snow to melt.  Fun times, I promise.  This is what my life at work has been reduced to lately, as all of my underground pipes are frozen.  Anything else I accomplish is now a bonus!

Happy day


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