The only thing keeping me from running away screaming


Meet Mailin, isn’t she lovely?  And a delight to knit!  When I was circling all numbers for the size I chose I must admit, it looked complicated, I felt a overwhelmed.  Maybe like this pattern was going to be harder than I thought.  Surprisingly, it was simple when I stopped reading ahead and freaking myself out.  I just followed each row instruction one at row at a time, and I am flying along.  I am doing this in two colors, as my LYS didn’t have enough of one color in my chosen wool (imperial yarns Columbia, in black and wild iris).  I just got to my color change late last night and I like it.


In other news, I am totally overwhelmed at work the last few weeks.  All the snow is melting, which reveals the messiness of the horse fields, my arena is still half covered in snow, and all of my water pipes have been frozen solid (underground pipes, at that) so I have been melting snow in every possible receptacle I have .  There are messes everywhere I look.  I’m not whining, taking care of the horses is something I love and I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world.  I just wish it was easier right now.  Our new horse is arriving early this morning, so that is an exciting and positive thing.


He doesn’t have a name yet, but I really like him.  I also am still without a car, not an easy thing when you live on top of a mountain miles from anywhere.  My truck was totalled a few weeks ago in a crash (we’re all fine), and this has been a long process.  We are still looking for a new car for me, but I have very specific criteria, so its not easy.  Ok, it needs to be 4 wheel drive or a Subaru, under $4000.  I do not believe in making car payments as I am tough on my cars, and rather neglectful, so used it is.

All of this makes me feel slightly crazed, but gives me lots of knitting time, thus my progress on Mailin.  These situations will be rectified, the fields will get cleaned, maintenance is working on thawing my pipes out every day, and some progress is being made, in the meantime I will be scattered and reminding myself to breathe, and spending lots of my time knitting.  So you see, it’s not too bad!

Sorry for all the whining, but I feel better for it.

Happy day


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