A good decision

As we all know, haruni has been kicking my butt, and hard.


Well, here she is.  Frogged.  Ripped back to a raw ball of wool.  Annihilated.  And it felt good, and like the totally right decision, and an oddly easy one to make.  For weeks I’ve been picking back rows, trying to find that one flaw, that one spot I could fix and make it all come out right.  I took her to my LYS, we searched together and came up with no answer.

I saw a picture of the stockinette haruni, it called to me with a siren song that I could not get out of my head.  The internal debate began.  My decision was made yesterday, by the recipient of this labor of love.  She loves the stockinette version, is intrigued by the spine of the shawl and the lovely elaborate border.  Of course, she was horrified when I mentioned ripping it all out and starting over.  But really, there was no other choice, the whole thing would have been ruined by that one elusive mistake.  And it was driving me crazy, well, it was driving everyone else in my house crazy, since they all had to hear about it, constantly.

I thought a little longer, a little harder.  I dug haruni out of my work basket, witht the intent to study her again, see if I could find that spot.  Before my brain registered it, my hands were yanking out the lifeline and unravelling the stitches , row by row.  Something inside of me eased, quietly sighed in relief.  I knew it was the right answer.

I’m going on vacation next week, which includes a really long ride in the car, along with lots of waterside sitting and relaxing.  Haruni will be reborn, another version of herself.

Oh, I made a monkey sock!  Pattern by cookie a, I love it.  Dream in color smooshy with cashmere.  Not sure where the ball band went, but I love the color.


Happy day,


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