Sound side

We are officially on vacation, well, really since Saturday, but I’ve been busy.  We all piled into the car at 4 a.m. to start the eight hour drive from our home in the Pocono mountains to Kitty Hawk, NC (I love the outer banks, one of my most favorite spots, ever).

We arrived earlier than check in time, went and had a fabulous lunch, then headed to the beach


We finally got to the house, and love it.  There are 19 of us here for the week, and we all fit just fine.



We’ve been busy, relaxing and exploring and running around with the kids.  Tropical storm Ana wreaked a little havoc, it’s been windy today and last night, and poured overnight and most of today.  We went to the aquarium this afternoon.



I have found some time to knit.  I finished a pair of monkey socks


Not a great picture, but you all get the idea!  I’m happy I finished them, our house is freezing with the air conditioning on!

I also started haruni, stockinette version on the ride here.


It’s a little bigger now, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of it, since the sunsets keep catching my eye.



Happy day,


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