Haruni on hold…again

It’s not her fault at all this time.  The blame is all on me.  I smashed my finger between a tree limb and a fence rail on Sunday at work.  It hurts, it is swollen and purple, and it is the finger I support my left needle with.  I will spare you the image of my purple balloon finger, suffice it to say I was hoping it would feel better by now, but no such luck.  I can not support my needle and the several hundred stitches on it without saying lots of bad words!

My solution?  So I don’t go crazy not knitting at all?  Another pair of monkey socks.  I find I can hold my needle almost normally with just a few stitches on it, so I plowed on, with a minimum of cursing and grumbling.


Just look at that laddering.  Impressive, to say the least.  I decided I can live with it.  I just couldn’t hold that needle tightly enough Sunday night to get the ladder to disappear.  There is slow improvement in the finger; it no longer hurts when a breeze passes over it, but it’s still pretty swollen, and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose the nail eventually.  That prospect totally grosses me out!  But I can knit, albeit a little loosely, which is just fine for socks for me, that no one sees any way.

Of course, Luna, the new puppy is worse than a cat with a ball of wool.  This is what I found the other day when I finished making dinner.


Lovely mess.  This has happened at least three times this week.  My husband says to put my knitting where she can’t get it.  I say she shouldn’t touch it and she will learn….eventually! She is quickly learning the word NO, and she hasn’t actually damaged the yarn or needles.


I just can’t stay mad at that face for very long.

Happy day,


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