Haruni on the go….again


This is haruni a couple of weeks ago, when I smashed my finger and had to put her on hold.  She’s grown a little bit, by about 15 rows, nine of them the border rows.  I did take a break for a few days since I caught a summer cold ( what a stupid time to get a cold!), and had too much of a stuffy head to function, let alone count.  And right now she’s all about counting.  I have a very briefly needle, what with all the stitch markers I’ve employed to keep myself straight.


Just look at all of them!  They are doing the job though, and I’m just going marker to marker.  I think one row is taking me close to an hour right now.  Seven more increase rows and then the decrease rows begin.  I’ll be relieved then, there are now over 600 stitches on the needles right now.  Crazy, right?  I nearly doubled the amount of stitches of the body to be a generous size.  Hope that doesn’t bite me in the nether regions!

The finger is on the mend, only a tiny bit sore now and again.  The nail is going to come off.  I’ve been trimming and filing as it gets loose.  Gross, I know, but such is life.

Hopefully in the next week or so haruni will be finished and blocking.  That will give me a good reason to visit the recipient and see the new born foal at her place.  She (the foal) is precious and was born this morning.

Happy day,


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