A productive day

At least, in knitting terms, and just relaxing on a day off.  I actually finished two projects and started and finished a third, untangled some yarn that Luna got into and straightened up my knitting basket.


First I finished the monkey socks I started when I smashed my finger awhile ago.


Then I decided six feet long was truly long enough for Ethereal Diamonds.  This is the first if the wraps I plan to make for the daughter’s/nieces when they marry.  Love it.


I had two balls of Rowan fazed tweed that have been staring at me for months, so decided to bang out a quick neck warmer for the winter.  I really like the Rowan yarns I’ve used so far.  Those are the three projects I finished yesterday.


I crocheted this little cotton dress over the weekend with a cotton/acrylic blend I had leftover from this:


A lacy summer top for myself, finished last week.

I have been on a roll.  I Gaby two projects on the needles still, a pi shawl that still needs most of its border and a scarf made of lace weight and boucle. I hate boucle, but it’s a pretty periwinkle color, which I love, so I trudge on.  I believe I may just cast on Graphite today.  I’ve been wanting that sweater for ages.

All photos taken overlooking my wildly overgrown back yard, since neither my husband nor myself ever remembers gas for the lawnmower;and overseen by Adso the cat.

Happy day,


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