I satarted graphite yesterday, I’m a few inches in, I’m happy, almost to the next set of decreases at the bottom of the sweater, feeling like it’s all going smoothly.  Ha!!  I guess I got cocky, because this happened:


Yup, that needle just pulled right apart.  These needles that are fresh out of the package, that I bought especially for this particular project just pulled apart.  I’m sad and upset.  I love these needles.  I’ve been slowly building my collection of kollage needles.  They are comfortable, they feel nice in my hands, and I swear my stitches are more even and uniform.  Oh, did I mention I can’t get to my LYS until THURSDAY?  and these are the only size 6 circular needles I have?  *sigh*

You can tell I’m upset, I accidentally got a picture of my nasty looking smushed finger in that shot.  Sorry, just avert your eyes.  (At least it doesn’t hurt anymore!!)

Time to ball a skein of sock yarn.

Happy day,


3 thoughts on “Seriously?!?!?!

  1. That happened to me with another brand. I super glued the post back on to the cable and it worked fine. Maybe you’ll find the same? Put the glue where the inside of the needle will be – then you won’t get dragging when you knit.

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