Desperately seeking spinner

My husband can get bags (BAGS!!!) of alpaca fiber for me.  My problem is;I don’t know how to spin, and I’m not sure I want to learn.  If there are any spinners out there that would be willing to spin it, we can go halves on it.  I have no idea if this is a crazy request or not, if it is, let me know!  He won’t bring it home if I can’t spin it.  If you’ve read my blog much, you’ll know how much I love alpaca!!  Let me know.

In other news:


This angry alpaca spit on my daughter’s face today.  I may be mean, but it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

I’m working on a garter stitch border/bind off on a pi shawl I started eons ago.  It seems to be taking a very long time.


I love gradient yarns!


Also working on Jenk socks.  I saw them on a blog (so sorry, I don’t remember which blog, I have a mind like a sieve) and they appealed to me a great deal.  They are in Saki sagebrush (prism yarns) on US1 needles.  They are going quite fast.

I have a few more hours of peace and quiet….the husband is out on his bike, the girls are at the pool and the younger son is at work.  The dogs are asleep and the cats are outside.  Blissful peace and quiet!  Time to knit on!

Happy day,


8 thoughts on “Desperately seeking spinner

  1. I wish I could spin and share the goodness with you. 🙂

    Shawl and socks are beautiful! As for Pi – you are right, the garter edge takes forever – but it is worth it -a nice stretchy yet substantial edge to the shawl. You are going to love it. I love that yarn, it is really pretty.

    • Sadly I ended up ripping the whole thing out, because I did not do my math properly. Big surprise there 😳. So, I decided to do the homey square shawl because that will show of the yarn nicely, with a bit of interest thrown in for me so I don’t die of garter stitch boredom.

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