Sure has been awhile

Nothing much is happening on the needles.  Graphite is moving along nicely, I have the skirt (for lack of better word) part of the body done


And half a sleeve


And most of one sock finished:


I’m a little worried about not having enough wool to finish this pair.  We shall see!  There is another project on the needles, but it’s in the car right now, and I’m being lazy right now.  It’s a hokey square shawl, with the first row of holes complete, made with the beautiful blue gradient that used to be a pi shawl.

Yesterday I took my new kayak out on the river for some much needed quiet time.  I had a very peaceful four hours to myself.  I saw a few hawks, some ducks and a bald eagle.  No pictures of any of those, I was too busy paddling upriver when I saw them.  Here are a few pics of my time on the river.



See, very peaceful!

Happy day,


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