I am in sleeve hell

Yup…that’s right.  Sleeve hell.  I hate making sleeves.  Miles of stockinette, endlessly going in little circles.  But I SOOOO want this sweater, I’ve wanted to make this sweater forever, because I can not wait to wear it.  I like the construction of the sleeves, from what I’ve read of the pattern.  It seems easy, but getting to the point where sleeve meets yoke?  Absolutely miserable.  Especially since I decided to add two inches to the sleeves, because I like my sleeves to cover my hands a bit. 


So, what’s a girl to do?  I’m going to cast on, with that gradient blue merino that hasn’t been happy with anything I’ve tried to make with it, this:


I plan to do increases until I hit the halfway point in my ball of wool, then begin to decrease, and hopefully use up the ball.  It’s a lace weight yarn, so this may take awhile, but I think this will show off the color changes in the wool without being boring.  Wish me luck!

Happy day,


3 thoughts on “I am in sleeve hell

  1. Almost all of my sweaters have half sleeves…It’s the only way to avoid sleeve hell for me 🙂 I’m determined though, my current sweater WIP is going to have full sleeves, if it kills me!

    • Lol. I would do that too, but I hate half and three quarter sleeves more than I do making them! I finished the first and have a few inches of the second. I usually do my sleeves together but couldn’t on this sweater.

      • (I wish someone reminded me how much I want full sleeves when I’m at the halfway point and feeling lazy!) I am absolutely determined that my current sweater is going to have full sleeves!!

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