A jumble of thoughts

I have been stupid busy, and stressed, feeling frazzled and frayed for weeks now.  Many things are happening, both good and bad. 

1.  We survived our rodeo at work, the kids all had fun and no one fell off a horse, plus we made a profit, so good, if exhausting day.

2.  My younger son got himself into big trouble hanging with the wrong crowd, despite being firmly told not too.  It’s a process, but we’re getting through it.

3.  I hate the month o f July.  We lost both my grandmother (sniff) and my father in law in July 2010.  Nothing  good happens for me in July.  (See #2).

4.  I participated in stash dash 2015.  Posted all of my finished prijects, but still haven’t had time to tally my finished meters.  Pretty sure I passed my goal of 3000, think I got close to my hope of 5000.  Have no idea right now.

5.  I have an hour, right now, all to myself!!  Bliss.

6.  My husband texted me today, he was offered a job in his field with another company.  I don’t like change like this, but he’ll get all the info and make the best choice.

7.  I finished knitting graphite, washed and blocked and promptly tossed it into my closet with the ends all hanging everywhere.  Eh, it’s too hot to wear wool right now anyway.


That’s it, soaking on the left.  Only pic I have so far.  So frazzled!!

8.  I am enchanted with clapo-ktus!  That’s one in the left over wool from graphite.


I am doing one in the gradient blue that’s been unhappy with everything else I tried to knit with it.  Also nearly finished one in Sami finger I g Wright in sagebrush.  I boogered up the side and can’t figure out how to fix it, but really can live with it


I’m kinda sweating that last bit of wool.  I think I’ll make it.  If not I can rip back and fix that edge.   See, silver lining!

9.  We are going to Asbury park for the weekend and I can not wait.  We’re going to see my favorite band, social distortion.  I can not wait!  I need some time away!

10.  Thank you all for listening! 

11.  The younger boy now has a new job( a result of his stupidity, he lost his job at our pool), so I’ve been driving him, a lot.  I hate driving!!

12.  I am going to my LYS for sit and stitch tomorrow.  Because I deserve it, dammit!!

Happy day, (something my grandmother always, without fail, said)


2 thoughts on “A jumble of thoughts

  1. That truly sounds like a lot. Let’s hope that your younger son learned a lesson there and learns how to stand for himself without the “glamour”/”Protection” of the “Bad/”Cool” Guys” …

    The Claptoktus looks great! So does the sweater (I love that green).

    Thanks for the throrough update! 🙂 Have fun at the concert!!!!

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