Settling down

That’s right.  Things are settling down, finally, for me.  School began on Monday, I now have a freshman, junior and senior in high school, and a sixth grader.  This mean only ONE run to the bus stop in the mornings, not two!  Pure bliss. I now have a peaceful hour in the morning to myself, five beautiful days a week!  I do miss my quiet time with Chloe, but I will adjust (oops, think I already have).


EJ, Chloe and Katie on the first day.  My oldest son starts school next week.  Probably won’t be a picture as he hates being photographed.

I finished a pair of tadpole socks this morning.


Dale Garn ull.  Loved it, and I think they’ll be very warm.

I also blocked the sagebrush clapo-ktus this morning.


Still loving this pattern.

I also started the anchors away pullover by Isabell Kraemer.  I’m using some leftover cascade 220 in a bright orange for Chloe.


The color looks more red here.  Trust me , it’s really Orange. 

Happy day,


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