Ha! Settling down was a pipe dream!

Most definitely a pipe dream.  The Big TROUBLE my son got himself into is beginning to get movement, involving a lawyer and a probation officer.  Fun stuff, that.  I am much calmer now that things are in motion and closure of sorts is in sight.  Of course, the situation is now smacking my husband hard in the face.  I suppose I should be grateful that we both don’t freak out at the same time.  Counting that blessing hard lately.

I have been in a bit of a funk over this, and add in the sixth grader drowning g in hours of homework daily, the 14 year old that thinks she’s grown, soccer for two kids, upward bound for one, a pre six in the morning bus for the oldest, two big dogs, house and full time job…..well, let’s just say it’s a wonder I can still function.  Also add in participation in the haunted chalet and the time that takes…..I wanna cry!

I want to knit and have no time.   Knitting soothes me and helps me focus.  I should be working on the second neck sock(it’s in the car, so I do a couple of rows in the mornings).  Should be finishing up the blue gradient clapoktus and the sweater for Chloe.  But no, my scrappy log cabin seems to be what brain needs right now.


Awful picture, but you get the idea.  The outer reaches are more neatly executed than the middle, and that’s ok.  It will be nice and snuggly either way.  I am using up the ends of all my Aran and worsted wools in this one.  And yes, I am totally wearing Mario pajamas.

In the next few weeks I will be starting two more sweaters, a shawl and maybe some baby items for cousins who have recently had or are about to have wee ones.  In the meantime I’ll work on scrappy Afghan and those other projects to make room in my work basket.

Happy day,


6 thoughts on “Ha! Settling down was a pipe dream!

  1. Oh. My. I am so sorry … Damn, one should’ve thought he learned the first time, don’t you? Or is this the outcome of the incident you have mentioned before? I am virtually sending you two a huge package of new nerves … My oh my …

    Good thing to knit a scrap log cabin blanket now! It will keep you calm and bring you back to sanity.

    • It is the beginning of the outcome of the thing I previously mentioned. I believe he has learned a lesson, a very costly one. If he makes this kind of mistake, he may not survive!

      • If this helps in any way … I know a guy who, at the age of … 15? 16? joined a friend of the same age who knocked at his door at 11pm? with the words: “Wanna come? I got my dad’s car keys …”

        Nothing happend to the boys (luck!), but the car was … pretty damaged. That was another costly lesson as well, because as far as I know, he had to get a part time job afterwards (besides school) to pay his parents back.

        You are not alone. Hugs!

      • Thank you so much. My son, at the urging of two older boys, stole a dirt bike. Pretty serious, as the thing is valued at over $1000. Thank you for the virtual hugs, they do help.

      • I hope you will let him pay you back? (Or let him pay that back directly and make him apologise to his victim?) Lord, the stupidity of youth … Let’s hope he HAS learned a lesson indeed. You’re not alone and it’s definitely not your fault (in case you should think that). He’ll learn.

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