Running in circles

I swear, that’s all I do any more….run in circles.  And living on top of a mountain, each circle takes forever!  All this running around has seriously cut into my knitting time, but I have managed to accomplish a few things!  And that always feels good, doesn’t it?  I finished Anchors Away for Chloe.


She is very happy with it and it’s now in the back of my car where all of her favorite clothes end up!  Her birthday was yesterday….I can’t believe she is twelve!  That hurts just a wee bit.  Here is the pic I found on my phone yesterday:


I started Ferdy last week.  It is on ravelry, as are most of the patterns I knit, and being knit with lion brand fisherman’s wool in birch tweed.  I love it, and almost wish it was for me!  Of course, I’m only on the back, by the time I hit the sleeves I may hate it.


I did manage to twist a couple of the cables early on and decided to not fix them.  As I hoped the errors are harder to spot the further along I get.  The man this is for will appreciate that my mind was in a tailspin when I made those mistakes.

I have finished the blue gradient clapoktus.  Well, the knitting part.  Now I have about a million garter rows to unzip, and I will eventually.  I’m just happy to get it off the needles for a few reasons.  I am sick of this yarn (third project wit it, first one I like and worked!), I am tired of this pattern(third one I about two months) I need a break from it and I really needed those needles to start Plum Rain.  That will be happening later today when I am tired of cables.


I think that’s all the knitting news.  Soccer season is over soon, and EJ’s court dates are quickly approaching, so by the end of the month there should be a little less running and a bit more knitting.

Happy day,


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