That’s right, lately I’ve been a slackers.  October flew by in whirlwind of activity and stress for me.  The knitting has suffered a bit for it, but some slow progress has been made. 

My oldest son has moved out again.  He was just really unhappy being home and was trying to make it work for my sake.  He and his father are just too similar to not knock heads, constantly, and over every thing.  Explained to son that his being home, while I loved it, was creating tons of stress for everyone in the house, which isn’t healthy for any of us.  Did he want to go to my parents?  Yes, he did, and they love having him, he’s very helpful and entertaining to them.  I feel a bit guilty that my home is more peaceful and less tense with him not here, but sometimes life just knocks you down.

The younger son had two court dates scheduled this month, the first was cancelled, the second continued, postponed til I don’t know when.  The lawyer was pleased with this, so we’ll go with it, I guess.  I need this to be over.  I do not enjoy the unknown, ever.

The girls, thank goodness, are good.  A little blip with the older girl, but she has since been reined in and held tight and close to home.

The kids, my mom and I participated in our communities haunted chalet.  My mom and Chloe do a room in the haunted house, I and my favorite horse are the headless horseman, and the older three scare people in the graveyard.  Lots of fun and lots of time in the evenings to set up, then tear down.

Venting is now over, for the moment.  I feel like my posts lately have been full of whining.  I apologize for that.  Now on to the knitting.


Small progress of ferdy.  I am happy so far.  This will be my first time using a pattern that says “reverse shaping on other side”.  Oh my.  A bit nervous about that.


This pile is a box stitch(crochet) Afghan for my brother in law.  Every time I work on it I fall sound asleep, to the amusement of my family!


This is plum rain, a sweater for me.  Made it to just below the sleeve divide.


This is first point of Libra.  I was cruising on this one.  Love it, the yarn is yummy, pretty and soft.  It’s for my best friend, so i’m really excited to get it finished, as she is moving to (sob) Utah in a few months.  That is, until the darling Luna went to town, she shredded the ball of yarn I was working from, I had to throw it away.  She pulled stitches off the needle that I haven’t fixed yet and she bent one of my needles.  She is the spawn of Satan.  But I love her.  I need to get more of the red, I didn’t order quite enough , so will get more of the white , also.


That’s her, trying to look innocent!


Here is Chloe with the incredible makeup job I did for her for the haunted chalet using liquid latex and thick fake blood.  I don’t do makeup, I’m truly terrible at it, so I’m really proud of this.  She managed to peel it off in one piece so we’re saving it for future use.  Next year I want to figure out how to have an eyeball on a cheek.  Gruesome, but oh so much fun!!

Time to get ready for work.
Happy day,


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