Not such a great day

I was having one of those days,you know the sort.  Feeling unsettled, lots of things going through my mind in a bit of a funk.  Then I fell off a horse and was suddenly much happier.  Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  Having something bad, potentially very damaging, brightened up my day, and my outlook. 

The whole thing happened really fast, so fast it took me a bit to put all the pieces together.  I had a trail out and I was riding Scout, a horse we’ve had about eight months and usually a pretty steady and thoughtful guy.  I stopped to wait for a horse to catch up and Scout was jigging around, shuffling his feet, impatient to get moving again, and got his back feet into a small pile of brush and twigs off to the side of the trail.  That scared him, I felt his panic and sat back, gathering my reins to turn him, possibly back him out when the little stinker took a massive leap up and forward.  This horse HATES to jump, does anything to avoid it.  Needless to say, I was prepared for movement in any direction but UP!  I slid right over the back of the saddle and his rump, landing hard on the trail.  My left cheek (posterior) and left calf slammed hard onto rocks on the trail.  I thought for a minute I was broken.  I was not.  Bruised and sore, but not broken.  Changes your perspective a bit to have something like this happen.  Reminds you that all the worrying in the world can’t save you, and no matter how prepared you are, no matter how much experience you have….shit happens.  You get up, brush yourself off…..and lead your horse back to the barn because you didn’t let go of the reins and the force of your fall snapped the horse’s bit right in half, and now you can’t ride him because you can’t steer and stop this particular horse without a bit.

That moment….that shaky kneed, wobbly bellied moment you see that piece of steel snapped clean in half is when your day brightens.  All the fog is lifted , because that could have been your neck, spine, leg or ribs cracked like that.  And I am so very grateful it wasn’t any of my bones that snapped, that the other horses are so well behaved and just looked at me on the ground like I had just lost my head, that Scout didn’t take off running, that I ALWAYS wear my helmet.  I realized, too, that no matter how I worry over something, what will be will be.  Sure, I have some bruises, and my calf hurts, but in all, I’m fine.  I was due for a fall, anyway. So my evening will be spent knitting, watching Netflix and hanging with the dogs.

Happy day (believe it or not!)


7 thoughts on “Not such a great day

  1. I’m so glad nothing bad happened! I hope that the bruises will be gone as soon as possible, and I hope that the next time, the funk will go away without the need of a horse. 😉

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