Who knew?

As I’ve mentioned, once or twice, I am working on Ferdy, a Martin Storey cardigan.


As you can see it is one cable rich pattern.  I love it, it’s beautiful.  I even like the wool I’m working in (lion brand fisherman’s wool), it’s softer than I remember it being.  What I wasn’t in love with was how sore my hands were getting, especially my left pinky.

You see, I cable without a cable needle.  I find them cumbersome and never know where to put it in between cables, so I usually stick it in my mouth.  Not that handy, or comfortable.

I’ve been working on this sweater for a month, and have only gotten halfway through the back.  Ridiculous.  I should be further along than that, even with working on other projects.  I started this project on my Kollage circulars.  Like I said, it hurt.  I found a pair of straights….holy cow, that was even more cumbersome (have mentioned how heavy this thing is???).  I dug out my cable needle last night and whizzed through seven rows.  A miracle!!  I switched back to my circulars, used the cable needle.  Heaven.

Or, almost heaven.  The only cable needle I had was on of these:


yeah, it works, but kept nearly sliding off the stitches.  And we won’t discuss how many times I stabbed myself in the face.  So today I went to my LYS (more on that later) and bought some of these:


Now I’m in cable heaven!!  I have made such progress , I’m six rows away from beginning the sleeve decreases!  I feel like there is hope I’ll finish this sweater by the end of the year!! 

Lesson of the week?  Having the right tools really does make the task at hand easier!!

Happy day,


4 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. I have been using a cable needle like the first one you pictured, I stick it over my ear like you would a pencil and it is curved just right to stay put until I need it. Haven’t poked my eye out yet, but I am not the most coordinated person, so keep your fingers crossed.

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