Another Eureka! Moment

Two words….MAGIC LOOP.  Wow.  I know, I’m late to the party, like, really really late.  I am now firmly onboard and ready.

Last Thursday I went to my LYS’ sit and knit, something I try to do now and then, you know, when the planets align and I have time, money and gas all at the same time (a rare occurrence most weeks).  One of the women was working on mittens for a gift and she was using magic loop.  I was fascinated.  After watching her for most of the session I finally asked her about it.  Everyone at the table piped up, offering advice and making suggestions.  I bought a set of size 1 40 inch needles and itches to get started.

I waited.  Almost a week I waited.  Finally, this evening I found a tutorial that made sense to me and went at it.  I have to admit, I was a little confused, a bit flustered, but determined.  I NEED to be able to make two socks at once!!  I love knitting socks, and always have some on the needles, like these Bark socks, by kiwiyarns knits (awesome patterns, by the way).


Love me some socks, and I can’t wait to do two at once.

For my first magic loop project I decided to do some fingerless mitts for myself for work.  I can’t find my mittens and my hands have been freezing.  So far, so good, of I do say so myself!


Happy day,


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