Three in one…your lucky day!

I’ve been planning to write for the last few days about my little side projects.  I was even going to title the post “unravelled”, because not one thing will ever be listed on my projects page.  They are small projects, a few Christmas gifts ( you know, the ones I’m not knitting, to avoid being totally crazy) and some odds and ends.  I’ll show you some pictures:


Two simple cowls.


Some beer mitts.


And some hats.  All of these were made from scrap and leftover yarns.  All of them were made when I needed a break from my bigger projects, which obviously haven’t been getting much love lately.  A few other projects that won’t see ravelry are two pairs of fingerless gloves I’m working on.


The purple ones are for me.  I showed you these last week when ibwas learning to knit two at a time on magic loop.  I just kind of winged it on these, but they are for work so don’t have to be beautiful.  The tan ones are for a friend, in super bulky yarn.

The second  post I was planning was just about cleaning up my knitting area.   I’d love to be able to say I clean everything up regularly and keep it all super organize.  I would be a bald faced liar if I did!  I cleaned up because I felt like there was an impending yarn avalanche looming over me, and I felt very overwhelmed by the amount of projects I had on the needles.  I even sorted my stash, downsizing considerably.  Sometime soon I will be delivering the yarn (two large garbage bags full, plus a grocery bag) I know I’ll never use to the local hospital to give to the folks that knit for the babies.  My yarn is under control, and I don’t have as many projects going as I was afraid of.  Two sweaters, a pair of socks (they’ve been shifted to the car for bus stop knitting) and a first point of Libra shawl. Oh, and the two pairs of gloves.  All in all, not too bad.

Now I’ll tell you what the motivation behind this cleaning frenzy was.  I thought for sure I had a pair of size 2 16 inch circulars.  I had a box of my grandmother’s needles that had fallen between the wall and my end table.  I was convinced that’s where this elusive circular was.  I needed that needle so I could start the hat I’m planning to give to my son’s girlfriend for Christmas (and there I go again, not knitting for Christmas!).  In order to get to the sport where the needles fell, I had to clean everything else up.  While I feel great for having reorganized all of my stuff , and for not having an absolutely obscene amount of wips going, I never did find those needles.  Good thing I’m heading to sit and knit on Thursday!  All this leads me to my third post:

I treated myself to a swift and ball winder last week and have been anxious to play with it.



And with that I created this!


This will become a pair of socks, to be given as a gift at our annual river girls party in January.  (Yes, I decided my auntie had a darned good idea.) Not sure what pattern yet, but they will be done two at a time. 

The swift and ball wonder are a marvel!!  So easy, so, well, swift, and no more sitting in a bizarre position while looping a hank over my knees.

So there you have your three posts in one.  All a bit shorter, and probably choppier than I planned, but I am exhausted, all of a sudden, and ready to rest my head.
Happy day,


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