Ups and downs


A few inches to go before the back of ferdy is finished.  Of course, there are still fronts, sleeves, button band and shawl collar to go.  This sweater may just kill me…..but I really do love it!

Much has happened here over the last (ahem *cough*cough) few weeks.  Christmas was terrific, everyone was happy, despite the pile of presents being smaller.  I learned it’s me that wants the living room covered.  The kids all got what they asked for, which was nothing insane.  They taught me a lot this year.  Of course, all of the stockings were well stuffed!

EJ had his final court date two weeks ago, and it went very well.  He was offered a consent decree, which has never been offered in our county before.  This means when his probation is over its like this never happened.  His Marine recruiter is very optimistic that he won’t have any trouble signing up.  I can’t believe it.

My husband gave me cash to go to my LYS with.  I had fun.  I’ll post about that next time, for now I must sleep!

Happy day,


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