Snow day

That’s right, I have closed the barn and come on home, to knit, sip cappuccino and watch movies with my husband.  Its rare I get a Saturday off during the winter, so I am loving this.  We have plenty of snacks and I think he’s putting in a pot of chili…yum.


Right now I’m working on First Point of Libra, which is nearly finished and hasn’t seen nearly enough love lately.  This is for my best friend.  She is excited for it to be done and mailed off.  Soon, Sarah, soon.

I’m sure ferdy will be worked on at some point, when all that garter stitch starts to make me drowsy.  I am so close to having the back finished, then I’ll do the sleeves.  I hate knitting sleeves.  The fronts should feel like a breeze after that!  I am not ready yet to think about button bands and that shawl collar.


Well, I thought I could turn that picture.  Sorry!  Remember my husband gave me money for Christmas to go to my LYS?  I got myself this bag for myself.  I also bought a sweaters worth of juniper farms herriot fine.  I love the way this wool feels!


Four skeins of a beautiful blue and on of a soft brown for th accent color.  It was rather hard to get that picture, every time I touch this wool I have a hard time putting it down.  I have a few other skeins of this for socks.

I also finished the body of my plum rain sweater.


Luna refused to move from the fire

Not much to see yet, just miles of stockinette stitch.  The sleeves for this pattern are cabled, and absolutely gorgeous, but I won’t let myself start them until I’m into the sleeves for ferdy.

That’s not nearly all, but I think if I continue we’ll be here all day!  As always, there are a couple of pairs of socks on the needles, and there’s a small cowl I need to crochet for one of my nieces, but it can wait a few more days. 

So, as the snow falls and the wind blows hard, I’m snug in front of the fire enjoying a rare snow day.  Hope all of you in the path of this storm are safe and snug.

Happy day, Shannon


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